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Gamers and other professionals often prefer mechanical switches for their feel and durability. Instead of a mushy feel like membrane keys, mechanical switches can have a linear, tactile, or clicky feel to suit users¨ needs. Mechanical keys also have uniform actuation points, and users can typically decide on the feel they prefer.

Some mechanical switches have a linear feel, and others have a clicky or tactile feel. Users can even choose between regular switches and silent variants, which are better suited for crowded offices.

Those who like to tinker can get a mechanical keyboard with hot-swap functionality. Hot-swappable keyboards allow users to replace the switches at will without soldering or desoldering.

Many mechanical keyboards are designed for Windows but can work on Macs. Some keyboards are specifically designed for Macs and have a slightly different layout. For example, Mac keyboards replace the Windows key with an Option key, and the backspace key is renamed as the Delete key. Some Mac keyboards also have the function keys going all the way up to F15 instead of F12 like on Windows keyboards.

These are the best mechanical keys for Mac.

Image via SteelSeries

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is a full-size keyboard that handles everything from office work to gaming. It¨s known for its impressive build quality and innovative features like the OLED screen and adjustable per-key actuation.

Most mechanical keyboards allow users to pick from a range of switches, but the Apex Pro is only available with one type of adjustable switch. The Omnipoint switches on the Apex Pro mimic the linear feel of Cherry MX Red switches but allow users to customize the actuation point. Users can program each switch to have its own actuation point between 0.4 and 3.6 millimeters.

Another unique feature of the Apex Pro is the OLED screen sitting in the top right corner. This OLED screen gives users access to customization settings, including the profiles and macros, without using the SteelSeries Engine 3 app. Users can also upload custom images and have them displayed on the screen.

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The build quality of the Apex Pro is top-notch, and SteelSeries pulls out all the stops to make it comfortable. It has a sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum frame with a built-in USB 2.0 passthrough. Comfort features include a huge magnetic wrist rest and dedicated media keys. Users can configure the per-key RGB lighting, profiles, and macros with the SteelSeries Engine App if the OLED screen is uncomfortable.

SteelSeries¨ Apex Pro has a lot to offer. It has great build quality and nifty features to make it stand out from other gaming keyboards. Despite all its features, the Apex Pro has Windows-based keycaps, which might put off some mac users. It¨s also expensive and only worthwhile for buyers who¨ll use all its features.

Image via Macally

Some users prefer a more subtle keyboard that works well in an office environment. Macally¨s backlit mechanical keyboard for Mac may look like a standard white keyboard, but it has some advanced functionality like adjustable backlighting and mechanical switches. This keyboard is designed for Apple, so it has Mac legends.

Compared to the other keyboards on this list, the Macally is only offered with one switch type. It comes with Kailh Brown switches, which are a clone of the Cherry MX Browns. The Brown switches are known for their slight tactile bump and minimal sound. These switches need 45 grams of actuation force and have a pre-travel distance of two millimeters. The Brown switches can be used for gaming, but they are more commonly preferred for typing and programming.

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Another selling point of the Macally is the adjustable backlight. There¨s no multicolor RGB lighting, but users can set the white backlighting to three different levels. The lighting can stay off during the day, and users can switch it between low, medium, and high settings when it¨s dark.

The Macally keyboard has limited features compared to the Apex Pro. However, it occupies a different category than the SteelSeries offering and targets users looking for a subtle keyboard with solid build quality. At around half the price of the Apex Pro, the Macally succeeds in its purpose and provides decent value.

Image via Keychron

Some users prefer to choose their own switches and change them out themselves. Keychron¨s K6 has hot-swap and wireless capability. It also has a 65-percent form factor to save space and make it easier to transport.

The hot-swap functionality allows users to install the switches they prefer. Users can choose between various switch brands and connect them to the PCB without soldering. If the users want to swap out the switches later or use a combination of different switches, it¨s also easy to do.

Many gaming keyboards use the 2.4Ghz wireless band, but the K6 only works on Bluetooth. A Bluetooth connection can be unstable for competitive gaming, but it should be fine for single-player games and office work. One of the benefits of Bluetooth is its compatibility with many devices like iPads or iPhones.

Compared to the other keyboards listed here, the K6 has the most customization options. Buyers who aren¨t swapping out the switches can choose between Gateron Mechanical or LK Optical switches in Red, Brown, and Blue variants. Keychron also gives users a choice between a standard white backlight, an RGB backlight, or an aluminum frame with RGB lighting. Users who need more support can also grab the wooden wrist rest.

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The K6 is in a similar price range to the Macally keyboard, but it has way more bells and whistles. It¨s up to buyers to decide if they prefer a compact keyboard with hot-swappable switches and Bluetooth connectivity or a full-size office keyboard with a subtle design that gets the job done.

Image via Das

The Das Keyboard 4 Professional is another full-size keyboard targeted at Mac users. It¨s offered with multiple switch types and has many convenience features, making it easy to use. Instead of Mac legends, it replaces the Windows and Fn keys with the Das logo.?

Users can choose between two switch variants in the Cherry MX range, including the Blue and Brown variants. The tactile Brown switches need 45 grams of force to actuate with two millimeters of pre-travel. Cherry MX¨s Blue switches have a tactile feel with audible clicks. They require 50 grams of actuation force and have a pre-travel distance of 2.2 millimeters.

When it comes to design, the 4 Professional has some tricks up its sleeve to improve its functionality. It has two USB 3.0 passthroughs so users can connect their mouse or charge their mobile phones directly off the keyboard. Another nifty feature is the magnetic foot bar that doubles as a ruler. There are also dedicated media keys with an oversized volume knob on the top left corner.

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Despite all the convenience features, the 4 Professional is lacking in certain areas. It has no backlighting, so it may be difficult to use in dark environments. For a keyboard of this caliber, the lack of a wrist rest is also a bit disappointing.

Das Keyboard¨s 4 Professional boasts several standout design elements. There are many user-friendly features, and it has excellent build quality. However, it¨s let down by the limited range of available switches, lack of backlighting, and absent wrist rest.

Image via Glorious

Those looking for extensive features without spending much may consider the Glorious GMMK Compact. This compact keyboard has a 60-percent design that¨s great for gaming and on-the-go writing but not for heavy-duty office work.

Like the K6, the GMMK Compact has hot-swap capability. Users can add and remove the switches they prefer using the provided switch puller tool. Buyers who prefer a single switch type can choose between an extensive range of Kailh and Gateron variants. Some of these include the Gateron Reds, Clears, Blues, and Kailh Black, White, and Silver options.

The GMMK Compact also allows users to choose between different keycaps. Buyers can select ABS double-shot keycaps in black, white, or two-tone keycaps with either a black top on a white housing or a white top on a black housing. If users prefer PBT keycaps, they can choose between colors like Olive Green, Ocean, Arctic White, and Pastel. This keyboard hasn¨t got mac legends, but the Windows icon is replaced by the Glorious logo.

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Apart from customization options, this keyboard has other impressive features like excellent build quality. It has a durable aluminum top plate and a detachable USB cable. Considering its reasonable price, the GMMK Compact punches above its weight and delivers great value.

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VALORANT is one of the latest releases from Riot Games, making a first appearance exactly one year ago (or in other words, on June 2nd, 2020). The game took the first-person shooter scene by storm, immediately appealing to a huge number of gamers. Many players who have, until that point, mostly played Call of Duty, Counter Strike or PUBG immediately felt drawn to the cyber-futuristic and colourful game – and rightfully so.

A game where skill matters more than cheats, and choosing the right Agent depending on the circumstances really has an impact on the game, made VALORANT a massive hit. Of course, since it’s Riot Games we’re talking about, we were bound to get another big title.

However, you’re not here to learn about that. Since you found yourself on this page, you want to learn everything there is to know about VALORANT Mobile since it was just announced yesterday. With that in mind, let’s dive right in.

VALORANT Mobile gameplay

Like we mentioned in the intro, VALORANT Mobile is the mobile version of VALORANT – a first-person tactical shooter for PC. The PC version of the game was released one year ago, seeing massive success. In the meantime, the mobile version of the game has been in development and during the one-year anniversary of VALORANT, the mobile version has been announced.

In fact, VALORANT Mobile was something that the developers started as a question. To quote Anna Donlon, the executive producer for VALORANT, ^We didn¨t start out with `We¨re making Valorant on mobile,¨ we started out with `Can we make Valorant on mobile?¨ with a lot of skepticism,”.

The take

VALORANT Mobile will be a game that’s going to bring the genuine VALORANT PC experience to handheld devices. It will not be a port of its PC version, but a new build that is completely adjusted and cleverly created for mobile. It should deliver on the expectations for all mobile players, and not compromise on quality for a timely game release.

That is exactly what it means. VALORANT Mobile has been confirmed!

At the moment there is no way to download the game. You might find some third-party websites claiming to have early builds of the game or APKs, but we strongly suggest you stay away from them (if you care about your personal data).

I repeat – there is no way to download VALORANT Mobile at the moment, not even an APK. Chances are, there will not be any build of the game for at least another year. We’ll keep you up-to-speed though, and if there is any other information that we learn, you’ll be the first to know!

This point goes hand in hand with what I just mentioned above. There are some VALORANT Mobile APKs, but they will ask for verification. To verify that, you’ll actually need to pay (real-life money). DON’T DO IT!

However, there is a VALORANT Mobile pre-registration

There is another option if you want to learn when VALORANT Mobile will become available. On TapTap you can pre-register for the game. That means you’ll have to make an account on the website, and as soon as it becomes available, you’ll hear about it.

The answer to this should be pretty obvious – no. Just like Riot did with League of Legends and Wild Rift, games, where high skill and intense mechanics are involved, cannot be played to their utmost extent via cross-platform.

What we will see, instead, will be something along the lines of Wild Rift. A standalone game that is well-made and specifically adapted to mobile, without losing any of its key elements (those elements that define what the game actually is). So, chances are we will get to see a VALORANT that will feature (probably) mechanics that won’t be extremely difficult to execute, and if they will (like Sova’s kit), they will probably have some quick-cast option. We’ll have to wait and see!

Yes, VALORANT Mobile will be available for iPhones and iPads, so rest assured – the game will become available for both Android and iOS users whenever it will launch globally. That has been the case with Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, and since VALORANT Mobile is another Riot Games creation, there’s like a 95% chance it will be on iOS too.

At the moment, there is no set release date. The game is still under development, and there is a high chance there will be at least another full year until we will get VALORANT Mobile. Our best guess would be that VALORANT Mobile will release in about 2 years’ time.

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