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[new resident evil movie]New Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Images Show Claire Redfield & Shen May

Time:2021-07-08 15:50:32

  Netflix unveils new images from Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, offering more glimpses at Claire Redfield and Shen May in the anime series.

  By Grant Hermanns

  Published 51 minutes ago


  Claire Redfield and Shen May in Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

  Netflix unveils new images from Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness offering more glimpses at Claire Redfield and Shen May in the anime series. Capcom’s iconic survival horror video game franchise launched in 1996 and has garnered a large following across its ten mainline titles, numerous spin-offs, and the recent remakes of its second and third installments. The series returned with a new title this past May with?Resident Evil Village, which helped the franchise reach a landmark 100 million copies sold since its debut.

  Directed by?Eiichirō Hasumi, the series is set between the events of?Resident Evil 4?and?5?in the year 2006 as the White House is hit by a cyber attack. Leon S. Kennedy is tasked to investigate the incident and crosses paths with?Resident Evil 2?companion Claire Redfield, who is herself investigating a strange drawing from a child refugee linked to a mysterious viral outbreak abroad. Their investigations become hampered as the White House comes under attack by a wave of zombies, with no clear explanation as to how they’ve arrived there.

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  Claire Redfield and Shen May in Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

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  With just a week remaining until the series premiere, Netflix took to Twitter to share a new set of images from?Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. The newest photos offer fans a better glimpse at both iconic heroine Claire Redfield and new protagonist Shen May. Check out the new images below:

  two weeks until RESIDENT EVIL: INFINITE DARKNESS! here are some brand new images of Claire and Shen May to keep you going in the meantime pic.twitter.com/CermXJ2DUR

  — Netflix Geeked (@NetflixGeeked) June 24, 2021

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  While the animated films have received a wide range of reviews, they have been generally considered superior screen adaptations by fans due to sticking to the source canon in comparison to the Milla Jovovich-led films, which were often more inspired by the games than traditional adaptations.?Interestingly, the series doesn’t act as a continuation of the animated films but rather a step backward to around the same time as the events of?Damnation, though it’s currently unclear whether it will be a prequel or a sequel to the film. The images may not offer much in the way of insight as to what the story will entail for Claire and Shen, but it does at the very least see the former don an outfit akin to the one seen in?Revelations 2?and?RE2 Remake.


  Over the past 25 years, Capcom has delivered plenty of exciting stories in the zombie-filled world, and?Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness?looks as though it’s using the fan service that has carried them to success thus far. Between?Village,?Infinite Darkness,?and the forthcoming?Welcome to Raccoon City,?Capcom is clearly taking full advantage of the 25th anniversary. Fans won’t have to wait much longer for the next?Resident Evil?chapter as the anime series premieres on July 8.

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