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[sonic 30th anniversary]Sonic the Hedgehog FINALLY Learns How to Drive Thanks to the McElroy Brothers

Time:2021-07-08 15:19:44

  Sonic the Hedgehog has made a career out of going fast, but he had to slow down big-time for his most recent test in a tale by the McElroy Brothers.

  By Devon Foster

  Published 8 hours ago


  Sonic Anniversary feature

  WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary by Ian Flynn, Aaron Hammerstrom, Thomas Rothlisberger, Tracy Yardley, Reggie Graham, Matt Froese, Clint McElroy, Travis McElroy, Justin?McElroy, Griffin McElroy, Mauro Fonseca, Valentina Pinto, Gale Galligan and Nathalie Fourdraine on sale now.

  Between, saving planets, collecting Chaos Emeralds and even participating in the Olympics, there’s almost nothing that Sonic can’t do. In celebration of Sonic’s 30th anniversary, IDW has released Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary, a collection of fun short stories highlighting the Blue Blur’s many different adventures. But as one story by Justin, Travis, Griffin, and Clint McElroy explains, there is one thing left for Sonic to accomplish: getting his driver’s license.


  The story begins with Sonic behind the wheel, his driving instructor sitting in the passenger seat next to him. Sonic explains happily all of the perks of having a car to his instructor, Kip the Capybara. From a lack of sore feet to the ability to listen to music, the sheer number of conveniences that a car offers is enough to inspire even Sonic to get his license. The only problem is that Sonic isn’t that great of a driver.

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  The big difference between driving in a super-charged racing machine that can transform into different vehicles on the fly and taking a casual drive through the city is that driving casually requires knowledge of traffic laws, how to be safe behind the wheel and how to brake. However, the very thought of going slow is enough to make Sonic feel a little ill. Kip asks why Sonic even wants to get his driver’s license anyway if driving seems like such a hassle to him. Sonic reveals his true reason for undergoing driving lessons: chili dogs. Sonic has the chance to win a lifetime supply of chili dogs courtesy of Mr. Munch-Ums Bun-Sized Franks and the rally race he’s hosting. Sonic could definitely win the race on foot, but the rules state that all contestants must drive a car.


  As Sonic sinks into despair over having to learn how to drive slowly and safely, a radio broadcast reveals that the rally race is actually that very day. Although Sonic puts the pedal to the metal to try and make it on time to the race, another broadcast that the race will be postponed due to Dr. Eggman’s latest attack on the city. Sonic races off to stop Dr. Eggman with Kip excited to see some real speed for once.

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  Watching Sonic get his driver’s license is a silly and fun idea, it fits in well with the McElroys’ sense of humor. Brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy and their father Clint McElroy are best known for their hit podcast My Brother, My Brother and Me and their Dungeons and Dragons-themed podcast The Adventure Zone.


  While the idea of Sonic the Hedgehog learning to drive might seem like a strange concept, he has plenty of experience driving cars in all of his racing spin-off titles. His love of chili dogs goes all the way back to his original early ’90s cartoons. There are even subtle references hidden in the background of the comic, too, such as how the highway signs resemble the introduction screens for the different Zones in Sonic the Hedgehog?on the Sega Genesis.

  Even though Sonic is famous for going fast, his unsuccessful driving test proves that there are some things worth slowing down for.

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