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[A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV]All the Final Fantasy Games You Can Play on PlayStation 5

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  Final Fantasy fans who’ve managed to find a PlayStation 5 have quite a few games to choose from between the main series and spin-offs.

  By Dalton Cooper

  Published Jun 16, 2021


  Final Fantasy PS5

  After the first six?main series?Final Fantasy games released exclusively on Nintendo consoles, Square Enix shocked the world by bringing the highly-anticipated?Final Fantasy 7 to the PS1. This dramatic move would set the tone for the?Final Fantasy franchise moving forward, as?FF and the PlayStation brand became inseparable. Since?Final Fantasy 7 made the jump to PS1, every main series?Final Fantasy game has launched on a PlayStation console, many times as timed-exclusives.

  When one considers how tied together the?Final Fantasy and?PlayStation brands are, it should come as no surprise that many people with a PS5 are likely fans of the franchise. In fact, Sony is banking on?Final Fantasy fans wanting a PlayStation 5, as it has forged a deal with Square Enix for?Final Fantasy 16 to be a timed-exclusive on its next-generation platform.

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  Final Fantasy PS5

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  As it stands, the?Final Fantasy 16 release date is nowhere in sight, and it’s unlikely to be announced anytime soon. However, while fans wait for more information on?Final Fantasy 16, they can keep themselves busy by playing the 14?Final Fantasy games that are already available on the platform. Thanks to the PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility with PS4,?Final Fantasy enthusiasts already have quite the selection of games to choose from on the PlayStation 5.

  Here are all the main series?Final Fantasy games on PS5, as well as the spin-off titles that are currently available on the platform. Keep in mind that more?Final Fantasy games could very well make their way to the PS5 in future, whether it’s through Square Enix releasing more?Final Fantasy ports or by making some of the games available through game streaming services like PlayStation Now.


  Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade Yuffie

  Final Fantasy 7Final Fantasy 7 RemakeFinal Fantasy 8 RemasteredFinal Fantasy 9Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HDFinal Fantasy 12: The Zodiac AgeFinal Fantasy 14Final Fantasy 15Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition

  When it comes to main series?Final Fantasy games, the PS5 lets players play nearly every PS1?Final Fantasy game onward, with some exceptions. Enhanced versions of the original?Final Fantasy 7,?Final Fantasy 8, and?Final Fantasy 9 are all available to play, with slightly improved visuals and quality of life changes that allow players to tweak the experiences to their liking. These re-releases were well-received for letting players do things like speed up the turn-based battles, making them far more accessible to modern audiences.


  The PS2-era?main?series?Final Fantasy games are almost all accounted for as well, including the HD collection of?Final Fantasy 10 and?10-2.?Final Fantasy fans can also check out?Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, the remastered version of the PS2 classic.

  Jumping to the PS3/PS4 era,?Final Fantasy fans will notice that?Final Fantasy 13 is missing on the PS5, but they can play?Final Fantasy 14 along with all of its expansions.?Final Fantasy 14 is playable on PS5 through its PS4 version as well as the newly released PS5 version of?Final Fantasy 14, which comes with a variety of enhancements to make it an overall superior experience to its PS4 counterpart.


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  And finally, there’s?Final Fantasy 15, as well as its bite-sized version,?Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition. The latest main series?Final Fantasy game,?Final Fantasy 15 earned mostly positive reviews at the time of its release, launching alongside a variety of companion material to better flesh-out its world. Both are playable on PS5 thanks to the console’s backward compatibility with the PS4.

  And of course,?Final Fantasy?fans can also play?Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS5, with both the PS4 and PS5 versions available.?Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS5 is known as?Intergrade, giving?Final Fantasy 7 Remake visual and performance boosts. The real draw, though, is the?Final Fantasy 7 Remake Yuffie DLC, which is exclusive to the PlayStation 5 version of the game.


  At E3 2021, Square Enix announced a new?Final Fantasy?collection that features the first six games in the series, though it was only announced for mobile and PC. If Square Enix were to bring that collection to PlayStation 5, then?Final Fantasy fans on the console would be able to play nearly every main series?Final Fantasy game ever made. The only ones missing would be?Final Fantasy 13 and?Final Fantasy 11, which is an older MMORPG that is highly unlikely to ever to come to Sony’s next-generation console. But perhaps Square Enix can preserve?Final Fantasy 11’s legacy by creating an offline version of the game, similarly to what it’s doing with?Dragon Quest 10. However, nothing to that effect has actually been announced at the time of this writing, so fans shouldn’t get their hopes up.


  Whether or not Square Enix ever brings?the older?Final Fantasy games,?Final Fantasy 11, or?Final Fantasy 13 to PS5 remains to be seen. However, there’s far more than just the main series?Final Fantasy games for fans to check out on the console.

  Promo art featuring characters from World Of Final Fantasy

  Dissidia Final Fantasy NTFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered EditionFinal Fantasy Type-0 HDKing’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15World of Final Fantasy

  Square Enix has released an exhausting number of?Final Fantasy spin-off games over the years, but only five are currently available to play on the PlayStation 5. This includes the fighting game?Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which sees a variety of?Final Fantasy characters battling it out, as well as the?Crystal Chronicles remaster. The HD version of?Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is also available to play. For those unfamiliar with the game,?Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is an action-RPG set in the same universe as the?Final Fantasy 13 games.?Regardless, these spin-offs are all quite different from one another,?and this gives?Final Fantasy fans quite a bit of variety when it comes to?FF games on Sony’s next-gen console.


  Final Fantasy fans on PlayStation 5 can actually try one of the spin-off games completely free of charge in the form of?King’s Tale: Final Fantasy 15. Serving as a prequel to?Final Fantasy 15,?King’s Tale is a side-scrolling beat ’em up, as opposed to the action-RPG gameplay of?the actual?Final Fantasy 15 game. It may not have exactly lit the world on fire, but it being free should definitely make it more appealing to fans of the?Final Fantasy franchise.

  With?World of Final Fantasy, Square Enix delivers a?Final Fantasy gameplay experience that’s far more inline with the oldest games in the series.?World of Final Fantasy features various characters and creatures from throughout the?Final Fantasy games along with traditional turn-based battles, so it’s a solid pick for anyone who considers themselves a big fan of the Final Fantasy?franchise.


  Final Fantasy 16 MC with Chocobo

  Final Fantasy 16Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

  All told, there are?14?Final Fantasy games available on the PlayStation 5 between the main series entries and the various spin-off games, but there’s even more?Final Fantasy?titles coming to Sony’s next-generation console in the future. The big one is?Final Fantasy 16, the next main series entry, which seems to be returning the franchise back to its pure fantasy roots. And not only is?Final Fantasy 16 coming to the PlayStation 5, it’s also set to be a timed-PS5 exclusive, making it particularly noteworthy for PS5 fans.

  Final Fantasy 16 isn’t the only?Final Fantasy game coming to PS5, however. There’s also?Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which serves as yet another?Final Fantasy spin-off game.?Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin takes its cues from the?Dark Souls series, and is a spin-off to the original?Final Fantasy game. It may be some time before PS5 owners get their hands on?either?Final Fantasy 16, but they can check out?the?Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin PS5 demo right now.


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