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  Aside from the typical military weaponry found in every game, Watch_Dogs 2 features incredibly useful hacker-themed weapons to spice up gameplay.

  By Azriel Aurelio

  Updated May 12, 2021



  Watch Dogs 2?has some wacky and funky characters, with?crazy weapons to boot.?Aside from the military weapons, there are various hacker-themed weapons to spice up gameplay. The youthful community at DedSec, a group of hacktivists, are endowed with some firepower that is exclusively?for their use.

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  The weapons themselves are also?brimming with personality. Instead of following the naming conventions used for AK-47, M4A1, or ACR, these hacker weapons go by Goodbye World Shotgun, CTRL-ALT-DEL Launcher, 4N00bs Pistol, etc. Here are 10 of the most useful hacker weapons in?Watch Dogs 2.

  Updated May 11th, 2021 by Ritwik Mitra: It’s honestly amazing to see just how much of a massive improvement Watch Dogs 2?is over its predecessor. All the complaints about lazy hacking mechanics and an uninteresting story have been taken care of in the sequel to Watch Dogs, turning this title into an absolute blast. The combat is?also a major upgrade, with some of the guns in Watch Dogs 2 being absolutely brilliant to utilize in battle. Here are fifteen of the best weapons in the game that are a must-have for players who want the combat to be as satisfying as possible.


  Thunder Ball in Watch Dogs 2 being used for a takedown

  Damage: N/AFire Rate: N/ARange:?Very LowStability: N/AReload Speed: N/A

  The melee weapon used by Marcus in?the game is extremely powerful in its own right, with its ability to knock out enemies in one fell swoop making it one of the unsung heroes when it comes to comparing the best weapons in Watch Dogs 2.

  Pulling off takedowns in either stealth or full-blown combat is nothing short of satisfying, making the Thunder Ball a valuable part of a player’s arsenal who will certainly rely on this melee weapon for their combat takedowns.

  R-2000 in Watch Dogs 2

  Damage: LowFire Rate: HighRange: MediumStability: MediumReload Speed: Medium

  The R-2000 is easily one of the best submachine guns in Watch Dogs 2.?Its high rate of fire and excellent DPS makes it an absolute beast when used in fast-paced close-ranged firefights.

  The fact that it has a hefty clip means that players won’t really find themselves on the losing side of things while using this powerful weapon in combat. It’s a must-have during the early parts of the game.


  U100 in Watch Dogs 2

  Damage: Medium/HighFire Rate: Very HighRange: HighStability: LowReload Speed: Medium

  An LMG that is easily one of the most powerful and damaging weapons in the entire game, the U100 is an absolute must-have during the late game when enemies are?plentiful and boast a ton of weapons and armor.

  It boasts a?massive clip, excellent fire rate, and brilliant DPS. Ths overall usefulness of the weapon in any given situation provide a strong argument for the U100 being the best weapon that players can use in Watch Dogs 2.

  2EZ in Watch Dogs 2

  Damage: N/AFire Rate:?LowRange:?MediumStability: N/AReload Speed:?High

  Stunning enemies and taking the high road in Watch Dogs 2 isn’t all that hard. After all, the melee takedown provides a non-lethal way to?overpower enemies along with a whole host of weaponry. This includes a powerful taser gun that will prove to be an absolute godsend for players wanting to try out a stealth playthrough.

  The 2EZ?— an ingenious name, if nothing else?— is easily one of Watch Dogs 2’s best weapons. This simple weapon provides an invaluable service during combat encounters.


  Goblin in Watch Dogs 2

  Damage: MediumFire Rate: Medium/HighRange: HighStability: HighReload Speed: Medium

  One of Watch Dogs 2’s best guns by a country mile, most people who want their firefights in the game to be as smooth as possible would obviously opt for this weapon in combat.

  The recoil of this weapon might be its biggest drawback. However, players who use this weapon in short bursts during combat will find themselves wielding a reliable weapon that can take care of enemies at range in a flash.


  Damage: N/AFire Rate:?LowRange:?Very HighStability: N/AReload Speed:?Low

  The Stun Sniper is the only non-lethal sniper rifle in the game. From a distance, it can stun enemies, and does so silently. As opposed to the stock taser, the stun sniper has much longer range and a faster rate of fire. Just like the taser, it has infinite ammunition.

  The stun sniper is useful in taking down key targets without actually killing them. This is essential for pacifist play styles. After being stunned, anyone hit with this weapon drops down to the ground like a broomstick.



  Damage: LowFire Rate:?Very HighRange: LowStability: LowReload Speed: Medium

  The Help Desk Denial “Pistol” is more of?an SMG than it is a pistol. Its high rate of fire shreds through enemies, especially when aiming for heads. Though one-handed weapons are?outclassed by two-handed weapons in the game, they come very much in handy when driving, as they’re the only weapons that can be used behind the wheel.

  The?Help Desk Denial Pistol gives the hacker a higher rate of fire while driving. This?offers the hacker wider assault options outside of?their hacking abilities. Where this pistol really shines is with vehicle pursuits against other players.


  Damage: HighestFire Rate: MediumRange: LowestStability: LowestReload Speed: Medium

  The Goodbye, World Shotgun is a fully automatic shotgun that is surprisingly stable to handle as well. It blasts powerful bursts in such rapid succession that it’s able to instantly take down heavily armored units. This weapon is extremely lethal in close range.

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  It is very risky to get in close-quarter engagements with someone wielding this. In police pursuits, this weapon deals with the cops effortlessly due to their tendency to always get within melee range of the hacker. However, the weapon lacks effective use in medium to long-range.



  Damage: HighFire Rate: LowRange: LowStability: N/AReload Speed: Low

  Across Ubisoft’s many games,?there exist missions that consistently reward the player for taking out vehicles and convoys. Grenade Launchers make?these so much easier.

  In?Watch Dogs 2,?the CTRL-ALT-DEL Launcher is an explosive?weapon that can instantly obliterate groups of vehicles; whether on land or in the air. This is very useful in deterring police chases, and taking down in-vehicle targets. This weapon can instantly eliminate enemy reinforcements when stealth doesn’t go according to plan. In less than a second,?it can turn an entire convoy into scrap.


  Damage: HighFire Rate: MediumRange: MediumStability: MediumReload Speed: Medium

  In most open-world games, the protagonist can typically?loot?enemies?they’ve killed after a grueling shootout. In?Watch Dogs 2,?however, dead bodies?can be hacked to obtain their bank account money.

  With the DDoS Shotgun, ‘smart bullets’ hack the body’s bank account when making contact. In shooting down enemies or civilians with the DDoS shotgun, money?is automatically wired to the shooter’s bank account. The dead won’t be needing it anyway.?Additional money, unlockables and botnet recharge may also be obtained.



  Damage: HighFire Rate: MediumRange: HighStability: MediumReload Speed: Medium

  The DOT_FILE rifle has the same effects?as the DDoS shotgun. Anyone gunned down with the DOT_FILE rifle will be hacked, and the resources will be immediately transferred to the shooter. Since the DOT_FILE rifle is more versatile than the shotgun, this makes the rifle slightly more effective in shoot-and-hack sprees.

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  The player can mow down civilians and simultaneously harvest their bank account money. Then, once the cops are in pursuit, the hacker can do the same to them as well. This weapon makes earning money in?Watch Dogs 2?much easier.


  Damage: N/AFire Rate: LowRange: LowStability: N/AReload Speed: Low

  The WTB Stun Launcher is basically a silent grenade launcher. It stuns groups of enemies and overloads vehicle systems, causing them to brick. This weapon?wreaks havoc and unleashes huge area-of-effect?damage without causing explosive collateral damage.

  Instead of launching grenades, the stun launcher shoots out electroshock devices that send millions of volts outwards upon impact.?As its name suggests, it?doesn’t kill, but?naturally stuns. It also doesn’t fall short of being effective against vehicle convoys either. If the CTRL+ALT+DEL Launcher is the most chaotic weapon in the game, the WTB Stun Launcher is its calm and focused brother.



  Damage: LowFire Rate: HighRange: MediumStability: High+Reload Speed: Medium

  The Zero Day Rifle is a silenced rifle whose bite is worse than its bark. Though it sounds like nothing more than watermelon seeds being spat out, the Zero Day Rifle is actually?quite lethal, gunning down enemies like an unsuppressed assault rifle.

  This flexible weapon can stealthily take out a compound?without making a peep, but also fends off against a horde of enemies when the hacker’s cover is blown. The attached scope assists the hacker with long-range shots, making this a versatile yet silent weapon for all ranges and engagement types.


  Damage: N/AFire Rate: LowRange: LowStability: LowReload Speed: N/A

  Out of all the weapons in?Watch Dogs 2,?the air shotgun is the most fun to use. This device blasts non-lethal yet devastating compressed air instead of bullets; stunning enemies, and sending their ragdoll flying a hundred yards.

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  It’s also silent, which means that the hacker can use this to stealthily take out enemies without being detected. That is, if?they can keep the bodies from flying into open areas. This futuristic-looking shotgun?also has infinite ammo. The wielder won’t need to worry about running out, but they will?need to be concerned about its effective range. Surprisingly, this thing sends heavily armored units flying.



  Damage: Very HighFire Rate: LowRange: Very HighStability: LowReload Speed: Medium

  The YourBoySerge Sniper is a loud powerful weapon that can disable vehicles in one shot. Though a sniper rifle, this weapon is effective in close-medium range, and can be used to take down swarms of?enemies. A hacker wielding this weapon can fend off a level 5 police pursuit with ease.

  Due to its respectable rate of fire, coupled with its ability to one-shot anything, it would require the whole army to take its wielder down. This weapon is also an anti-fleeing measure against rival players who try to get away in speeding sports cars.?The firepower and flexibility make it a devastating (and popular) weapon. However, as effective as YourBoySerge can be, it makes stealth impossible.

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