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[SHUN SHING INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT LIMITED]New York is dead,Long live New York,What did the epidemic have left this super city | depth

Time:2021-06-28 00:58:27

  [Editor Press]Local time on June 15th,The New York City, the Governor, New York, USA, announced that New York City is immediately unsapping in the entire city of the World Trade Center.This building is a skyscraper rebuilt after the 911 terrorist attack.Itself with a strong city rebirth.Unchepped can see another rebirth of the city.

  Governor Branch,Newuan vaccination rate of New York adult population reached 70%,The state government officially decided to cancel most of the epidemic prevention measures.New York office buildings, shops, restaurants and other places can no longer implement social distance, restricting traffic, etc.But in the subway, schools, hospitals, etc. still need to wear masks.

  New York has deeply trapped the center of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.During the first wave of epidemic in March last year,The number of single-day confirmed cases in the state accounts for half of the total number of the United States.

  To celebrate the unsector,And thank the medical staff for more than a year of selfless dedication,On the evening of the 15th, 13 landmarks in New York are bright as blue and gold light.And firefighters in ten blocks.

  It happens to announce the declaration of June 16th after New York,The number of deaths in the United States due to new crown virus infection exceeded 600,000.

  What is worth thinking isWhat is the future of the epidemic to New York City?

  A commentary in the New York Times is considered thatWe should not start using the “post-epidemic age” to use the “post-epidemic era”.The epidemic is far from being over,Even if the infected case is greatly reduced,The epidemic has been permanently changed our city and our lives.

  ThenWhat kind of New York will be left to New Yorkers in New York?”New York Times” Changwen – “New York is dead.New York Long live.”(New York is dead. Long Live New York.) Depicting this city and people here after the epidemicThe new New York City of New York City may exist.


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  October last year,Photographed in New York Times Square,”Batman” is behind this city,He checks his own pulse.

  ”This is a ghost city,President Donald J. Trump (Donald J. Trump) Talking about the city’s time to evaluate this city during a presidential debate last fall.”It is dead,Everyone is leaving New York.”

  He is not the only one who sees all the closed stores and empty offices.But choose people who ignore this.

  ”It’s completely dead,”Free Writers, James Altucher” in a name “New York is always dead . this is why” (New York is always dead. “.Here’s why) writes in the blog article.last summer,His article was paid and ridiculed in people endlessly.

  He wrote: “Enterprises are working remote office,They will not return to the office.This is a dead cycle.”

  New York and other big cities are getting out of time.This basic view is thatIn the era of digital tourists,Almost no need to endure crazy rent, expensive restaurants and crowded subways.

  But is this exaggerating?It is true,This city has approximately 100 million square feet of idle office space,Lost more than 500,000 jobs,The rich people have flocked to the suburbs.At the same time, farewell to many stores, bars, and restaurants they love.

  however,All of these idle spaces do not necessarily indicate the demise of this city.It can also be a white paper,Let people draw blueprints and build a more fair and culturally more diverse city.Next,Let’s consider it,These five situations where New York will evolve in the future.

  Anti-Utopia’s “Ghost Town”


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  New York City in the morning,A burning sanwei car,A fire that has just been extinguished and impregnated with water.

  Recalling New York in the 1970s: The building was burned by aircraft; the graffiti on the subway car; the poisonous dealer in the park was flooded; a city of bankruptcy.

  At the time of the anti-Utantian scene,Is it a glimpse of New York?

  Some people seem to be so thinking,Especially in the conservative circle.The New York Post (The New York Post) wrote: “Bell Bells for NYC” in New York City.This is a response to the Albany Members to improve corporate tax and income tax.This initiative will bring $ 4.3 billion in revenue for New York every year.Critics and supporters call it “tax to the rich”.The Wall Street Journal called “Crazy”.

  Translator Note: Albany,Is the capital of New York, USA,Franchise in 1686,In 1797 became the state.Albany is located on the banks of the Hudson River.The distance from New York, Boston is almost an equilateral triangle.Take the bus travel for about two to more than two hours.

  People are worried about,The city’s “Golden Geese” will fly to Greenwich in Miami or Connecticut with their rich taxes.In fact,Several large companies, including Goldman Sachs and JetBlue, are considering establishing a new office in a low tax, Florida.

  Translator Note: Golden Geese,Greek fables can produce a golden eggs every day,Here, it means that large companies in New York are “shake money trees” in creating tax income.

  Billionaire investor,Including Carl Icahn and the founder of Elliott Management Corporation (Paul E., PAUL E. Singer,It has been transferred to the sun of the sun.Just like Home Depot, Ken Langne, Ken Langne, is recently said to Fox News.They just (moving from New York) Part of “Trickless”,over time,(This wave of evacuation of New York may become “torrent”.

  Translator Note:

  Carl Ican,The founder and major shareholders of ICAHN Enterprises,Is a US commercial manager, investor, hedge fund manager,AGET and charity.In September 2020, the 400nd Register list, published in September 20020.The assets are $ 14 billion.Released as “Wall Street Wolf”.

  Elliott Management,Is the US hedge fund Elliott Associates L.P.And the management subsidiary of Elliott International Limited.Created by Paul Singer in 1977,Word wind bias.

  Home Depot is a retailer of a family ornament and building materials.Headquartered in Virgin, Coblex County, Yaji.Home Debao hires more than 355,000 employees,Operating 2,164 large hardware malls,Branch spread throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and China.

  If remote work is normal,The situation may become worse.Business Advocacy Organization of Partnership for New York City estimates,In the 1 million office workers in Manhattan,More than half of people will continue to work remotely at at least part of the Labor Day.

  ”This is no longer a bluff,If the situation becomes too bad,The company does not have to stay in New York.Nicole Gelinas, a senior researcher of Manhattan Institute, the Freedom Market.


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  New York City Third Street,A pair left on the side of the shoe.


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  This is more like a sign of this era.Also distribute the heartbroad and hopeful signals.

  Although some New Yorkers will not be saddened to lose their hedge fund managers that seem to have often enjoyed lard in the barbecue store.But Non-Party Supervision Organization Civil Budget Committee Chairman Andrew Rein said in an interview,A tax declaration person of more than $ 1 million in annual income accounts for 40% of the city’s personal income tax revenue.He claims: “We need rich New Yorkers here.Because they pay for a large number of urban services. “

  In order to make up for losses,The city may ultimately increase tax again.Nicholas A. Broom (Nicholas A), a study of urban finance. “Bloom) said:” This may cause a death cycle.Add tax,The rich leaves.Plus more taxes,More rich leaves.”

  This city being split in the future sound is very similar as the 1960s and 1970s.At that time, Pepsi Colas, Nabisco (Nabisco) and General Electric (General Electric) fled the city.Tens of thousands of New York residents have also followed (large business practices).

  When the city hall just avoids bankruptcy,People see that the garbage is so high,So that the window of the supermarket is blocked.Poison is completely capable of “super mice”,Crime becomes so universal and serious,So in 1977, the New York City has a large power failure period.Even the robbery has also been robbed.

  Translator Note: In 1977, New York City, New York City (July 13-14, 1977), causing approximately 9 million people in New York in New York City.

  A total of 25 hours a total of a large downtime.

  In the 1970s,The largest city in New York, USA,The large substation near the Hudson River is responsible for conveying.At night, July 13, 1977,Because the sky is not beautiful,The New York area belongs to the weather of thunderstorms.A lightning hits the transformer of the substation,Due to the long-term failure of equipment,After the transformer is hit,Rapid happened.A few minutes later,Another lightning hit the high pressure transmission line.at this time,New York City began a large-scale power outage,The entire New York urban area has been caught in a dark.in fact,As a large city,New York also has a spare large emergency generator.

  but,Take the night,There are no people on duty.Starting from 9 o’clock on July 13th,A large-scale riots,Started throughout the streets in New York City.at first,Some tramps are robbed,I opened the door of some stores.Prepare to steal the goods.at this time,People living in various slums quickly joined.These people are usually working in various positions.Like peace ordinary people.But after the whole city is in the dark,The madness of a scene is constantly staged.

  After opening the door of various shops,People began to carry out various products,If the store owner stops,It will be harmful to the thugs.In order to cover the crime,After robbery,The thugs will also have a fire to incinerate the store.The police in New York City responded very quickly.A large number of police discontinued to maintain order.But because of the basically a dark,The thugs are not afraid of the police.

  finally,The American high-rise tuning the national guards entered the urban area.Assist the police’s work.

  The large-scale riots in the city of New York,The total lasted for 25 hours.Stretching 31 communities in New York City,Through statistics,There are more than 1600 stores robbed.at the same time,There have been more than 1,000 fires in the urban area.14 of them belong to major fires.

  The total of this riot has caused more than 300 million US dollars.In large-scale riots,More than 500 police were injured.American Police and National Guard,The total arrested more than 3,700 people.These people have participated in smashing or violent injuries.

  Hollywood movies such as “DEATH WISH”, “Taxi Driver” and “Soldiers” (THE WARRIORS), etc.In the scene of shooting the city hell, New York City has been a scene.

  of course,We are far less than that.but,According to the police statistics,Although the overall crime rate is in history,During the epidemic,New York shooting incident increased by 97%,The murder case has increased by 44%,Theft of theft increased by 42%.

  Eric Klanberg, a sociological professor of New York University, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, said: “When a city’s capital is used,Public schools will be affected,Public transport will be affected,The library will close,The park will also become where you want to avoid.The rich people take care of themselves.The cost of the working class and the poor have the greatest cost.”

  Copenhagen, Hudson River


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  Photographed in East Human Truna,Children who are ready to go home on Earth Day Art Exhibition

  The top floor apartment of the fifth Avenue is empty,The funeral home in the Queens District is full.Hampton’s first-class gallery is open,The bar in the corner is closed.The staff of the restaurant were fired.The fund manager has incorporated non-homogeneous coins (NFTs) everywhere.

  Professor Cranberg said: “The new crown virus is not only left a blank.It attacked a city that we had intercepted the seabed, large-scale isolation and inequality of sequelae since the galvanization era.”

  He also added: “New crown epidemic,Just sounding the alarm.”

  However, progress in this city has seen a chance of a thousand years.And grab all opportunities to promote their claim.

  They have successfully defeated the current Democrats in the New York State Council and Congress.It has obtained the victory of legislation of cannabis legalization.And killed large-scale development projects such as the Amazon Headquarters of Queen Region.

  Senior left people in this city have just begun to act.

  NEW YORK WORKING FAMILIES PARTY, Sowie Nnaemeka, said: “New crown epidemic has a profound clarification of New Yorkers.Medical system makes us disappointment,In the first few months of the epidemic,Nearly 2 million New Yorkers lost their work,We saw a long queue around the city block.”

  Her vision of her party?Popularize nursery care,Cancel the unpaid rent and foreclosureConstruction of safety, affordable housing for everyone,and many more.

  Nai Meika added: “This city can become a progressive lighthouse.We have been considered to be financial, art and other world capitals.right now,It can also become fair and diverse.”


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  New York Street,Children participating in the school strike to protest the police violent law enforcement incident.

  The local branch of the US democratic socialist group is promoting “People’s Relief” in New York,These include state-owned rights that advocate private hospitals, large-scale companies that face closes or large-scale layoffs.And suspend the arrest of criminals to reduce the spread of the epidemic in New York until the epidemic.

  In this Utopian vision,The poorest community will be comparable to the richest community; unemployed New Yorkers can rely on rebuild infrastructure for their own infrastructure; poverty parents will enjoy health care and child care.

  Currently,Progressors can be confident on the plan that has already been implemented.For example, the city’s climate mobilization bill is designed to reduce carbon emissions, green new politics,Or the Government of Commo is proposed in the west of Manhattan, China.400 sets of new affordable housing (like it to imagine it into anti-Hudson Square).

  A non-profit organization named “Breaking Ground” hopes to transform the vacant buildings into the poor and middle class housing.Brenda Rosen, Chairman of the Organization,”Although this may take ten years,But as long as 10% of vacant office space is transformed into affordable housing,We can add thousands of units.during this process,Create a new vibrant community in an unexpected place.”

  Who is not enough to pay: rich.If you grow increasing taxes prompted them to take the bay of the plane,so be it.

  ”A New York City without a rich population,I don’t actually bring disasters.”The recent edumbia daily spectator” has written, “The Columbia Daily Spectator” has written,”And will lead to consumerism decline in people who only come to New York rather than administrative.”

  Paid city

  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  Outside Tukins Square Park,Just preparing the street artist of the clown,Siping before the show.

  As the city is reopened,Many party verses predict that the 54 club (Studio 54) and Plato’s Retreat will be reproduced.

  Translator Note: 54 Club (Studio 54),It is a legendary club in New York City, USA in the 1970s.It is also a classic representative of American club culture, nightlife culture, etc.Founded on April 16, 1977,Closed in December 1979.

  54 The legend of the club and Steve Lu Bo are not open,Steve is quite good at organizing famous current gathers, filled with unknown beautiful girl,He uses the word studio (studio), which is used in the original construction of the small bundwise, and the 54 is from the address of this club (Manhattan, New York City,West 54 Street 254).

  54 Club’s ballroom interior design is also quite comparable to Jinjin music,It is one of the indisco dance halls of the Indis.

  During the 54 club,It has gradually become a strong representative of a nationality indicator and midnight music dance club culture.It is known that it is also one of the early clubs that open an almostxual and homosexuality.The closure of the 54 club in 1979 is because the two founders are illegal and tax evasion.Arrested by the police,The innocent manner is therefore closed.

  For American music culture,54 Club is also a quite important underground music promoter.The current 54 club has become the theater of the Broadway Music.

  Plato’s Retreat is a laminating master club,Designed to serve heterosexual couples and bisexual women.From 1977 to 1985,It carries business in two locations in Manhattan, New York City, USA.

  ”People will actually be mating on the street,”Michael Musto said.He is a “Village Voice” (Village Voice) Senior Night Life Columnist,The quarterly column is now recovered.”The entrepreneur will rush into all empty stores.Transform them into a ballroom and other entertainment venues,This will give this effort.”

  ”People may even raise their heads from the mobile phone (seeing the peek),He added.

  The Slow Monster Club in New York has been prepared.SNCTM is a club that is only available for members.This month, with erotic masquerade, returning,Let people think of the senior carnival scene in the “Eyes Wide Shut”.Killing Kittens is a member of London, a member of London.It is known to hold a luxurious female leading porn party.Spring this year is returning later,Emma Sayle, the founder of the club, believes that the depressed passion,And more accepted by non-husband and wife and a wife,It will lay the foundation for the indirect of the next level.She claims that”As far as we do,Either do big,Either go home.”

  With the Bill de Blasio and other officials seek sexuality,People seem to be relaxed to prostitution.they think,Sexual work is for cross-sex and colored people.this is not fair,They focus on population trafficking and other forms of abuse.

  More carnival features similar to Las Vegas will be added to New York,This city may also have its own first casino.This is a long-awaited proposal in Albany (Congress of Congress).It has also become a topic of the mayor’s campaign.


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  In the DMX Temporary Memorial Activities outside Baklai Center,A tissue is performing.


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  Near Dongcun,People who are part of the place.

  During the epidemic,New York City has canceled the restrictions on the outer cocktail.The mayor’s candidate Yang Anze, I hope to keep this change forever.As part of his efforts to make New York to make fun.

  Looking for a happy person, you can also take marijuana.Because Olbany is announcing the legalization of Cannabis in New York,Allow New York with up to 3 ounces of marijuana.

  Translator Note: Local time 22 o’clock 22 o’clock,The New York State House of New York has passed the Entertainment Mechanism.After the bill is signed,New York State will become the 15th of the 15th allowed adults to take marijuana.It is also the fourth state that legislagan.By then,The 2/3 population of 54 million people in the northeast of the United States will live in the state of legalization of cannabis.

  This new bill stipulates thatNew York residents over 21 years old can legally own 3 ounces of marijuana.In addition,New York residents can also plant marijuana at home.Adults over 21 years old can plant 3 strains.However, up to 6 plants per household can be planted.The most critical thing is thatCannabis sales will also collect 13% sales tax.

  In short,This is different from the GIULIANI government in the 1990s.then,The Julianni government cited the song and dance performance method of the prohibition of wine.To ban dancing and closing night clubs.

  The city abolished these laws in 2017.Appointing the first manager in nightlife,That is, “Night Mayor” Ariel Palitz,To support this industry worth $ 35 billion,300,000 employees in the industry lost nearly half during the epidemic.

  Translator Note: ARIL Palitz,March 2018 was appointed the first “Night Mayor” in New York City, Bill de Blasio.Paritz used to be the boss of the Sutra nightclub, Dongcun, New York,The night shop has been selected as “the most noisy bar” in ten years.

  Since Amsterdam, after 2003, the first night mayor,There have been more than 30 cities around the world to set up similar positions or administrative models.Including London, Paris, Zurich, etc.

  New York City officially called its “Senior Executive Director of The Office of Nightlife).

  The responsibilities of Paritz’s lastment,It is mainly to establish a New York night life entertainment venue, the harmonious relationship between the residents and the authorities,Ensure that nightlife can coexist with other parts of urban life,And actively plan the culture and economic development of nightlife.

  Ms. Paritz said: “From history,This industry has been considered a burden,right now,It is not only considered an asset,And it is an essential industry.”

  Then all air spaces.Please imagine a chance.

  ”The landlord will call me,’Hey,Noah,I rented a few layers,How about opening a beautiful air lounge on the roof?’”Noah Teppperberg” said.He is one of the founders of Tao Hospitality Group.This nightclub and restaurant giants operate Tao, Marquee and other catering brands.

  Translator Note: Tao (tao),Name known the most profitable restaurant in the United States,It is a high-end restaurant with the theme of Asian Cultural Features and Nightclubs,In New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles,And Australia Sydney has operations.The core business philosophy,It is a unique, one-stop luxury nightlife.Eating, wine, wine,Encourage performance, social celebrity,This is a luxury experience in the restaurant.in New York,Some high-end hotels such as Marriott,The catering department also appeared in a brand restaurant.

  He no doubt,Even if I have experienced the economic trauma last year,People will also prepare for a good time to pay.”There are so many new Bitcoin Millionaires,They are stimulating the check,”Topberg said.In addition,He added,”People have not spent a year in buying new clothes or haircuts.”

  future world


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  Hudson Square,The image is called a skyscraper forest.

  When Manhattan’s office is emptied during the epidemic,Four large-scale technology companies,Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google,Expand their layout.Silicon Lane is now more like the Valley of East District.

  Things may soon become more technically.

  ”The ravage of new gown pneumonia has brought us into digital future.”The Bai His Government’s Chief Technology Officer John Paul Farmer said.

  New York is planning to expand the affordable high-speed Internet and 5G technology.And improve solar power generation capacity.Transportation is also experiencing a technology change,Sharing electric light motorcycle and scooter,Tesla car app,Electric school bus and more electric vehicle charging station will be put on the schedule.

  New York City and New York State,And real estate developers,It is also trying to turn New York into a biotechnology center.A company named C16 Biological Science (C16 Biosciences) is working on the development of palm oil produced by laboratory.The company got support from Bill Gats (Breakthrough Energy Ventures Fund) for Bill Gats (BREAKHROUGH Energy Ventures Fund).The company has 20,000 square feet office space in the Hudson Research Center in West 54th Street.

  The so-called Brooklyn Technology TriangulationIncluding Dumbo, Downtown and Brooklyn Navy Shipyard,It is a hotm bed for start-up enterprises in emerging fields such as block chains and artificial intelligence.


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  An unmanned Tesla,Stop in the Manhattan Cuibeika Street.

  Translator Note: TRIBECA,”Tri Beika” in ChineseIs the abbreviation of “Triangle Below Canal Street”,It means “triangle below Canal Street”.in fact,It is more like a trapezoid similar to a triangle on a map.


  The north side of this area is Canal Street,The most east is Broadway,West is West Street,The south to the Vesey Street.But this area is only a rough range.TRIBECA has become increasing the trend of increasing towards and towns in recent years.

  Tribeca is known as the most expensive first rich people in Manhattan, New York.According to the authoritative financial media Bloomberg (Bloomberg), a report,One of the Nandelion of Tribeca’s southernmost parties “10007”, the annual annual income of 876 million dollars,The fifth place in the country’s richest community.The first place is the private island of Miami, Fisher Island,Per capita annual income exceeds $ 2 million.

  Tribeca’s ability to attract so many high-net residents,It is not open to its superior geographic location.The Goldman Sachs Goldman Sachs Group of Rich Enemy is located in 200 West Street in the southwest of Tribeca.Tribeca South is the financial district,Walk to Wall Street,So Tribeca gathers countless New York financial industry.The WestFiled and Brookfield Malls completed in recent years have made Tribeca to attract high-end consumer groups to live.Tribeca’s north is SOHO, The world’s hidden people shopping in the world; the east is Manhattan’s Chinese city,Ideal for nostalgia and Chinese supermarkets.Ten minutes to eat an authentic Chinese food or it is very convenient to take a takeaway.

  The entire New York City ranked first Shiwensen High School (Stuyvesant High School).

  The superior environment of Tribeca has attracted a lot of celebrities.The experience of the people in the street and the café is very common,Taylor Swift (Jay Z and Beyoncé), Jennifer Lawrence, etc., is all living in Tribeca.A Chinese fashion designer who is favored by Michelle Obama Jason Wu,Another Chinese designer Alexander Wang has appeared on the streets here.

  No matter who enters the master mansion in November,It must be ensured that Wi-Fi in New York can serve Normal (in New York).

  Translator Note: Gracie Mansion is the official residence of the Mayor of New York.

  The campaign of the scientific and technological entrepreneurs in the Internet era is usually considered to pay attention to the mayor of the development of science and technology.He plans Wi-Fi in public housing and homeless shelter.And transform brown into a solar farm,And competitors also have a vision for building wired green cities.

  Eric?Adams (Eric Adams) hopes to attract investments in startup companies and incubators through tax reduction and inexpensive office space.Scott Stringer depends Rikers Island as a green energy center.

  Translator Note: Rikers Island,In 1935, the city prison has been located on this island.Prison is migrated from Welfare Island (now Roosevelt Island).The agency established in Raix Island is a male detention center.Other Male Team, Female Teaching Center, Anna Kross Center, Youth Detention Center and Rails Island Hospital.

  The prisons on the island have been closed by more than 10,000 prisoners.

  When New Yorkers returned to their previous place,Welcome to them is a sparkling 21st century metropolis,This is due to the upgrade of infrastructure,The raging virus of new crown has almost no slow down here.

  The well-ventilated B terminal is open in La Guardia Airport last summer.There is a new door to art, indoor parks and shiny gates.John F. Kennedy Airport (John F. Kennedy Airport is planning to build a new glass terminal building.The bright Moynihan Train Hall is open in January this year.It is opposite the dim station (Penn Station).It is a new front door of this city.Even the Port Authority Bus Terminal, which has a rough appearance, may also have dramatic transformation.

  Along the Hudson River,A group of ultra-high-level glass tidiers stand up in Hudson Yards; future-mine-style small islands designed by the HeatherWick Studio are close to the meat processing zone; at the 57th Piece Parking lotIt is transformative to multi-functional parks containing stores, performances and Google’s office spaces; Javits Center is expanding,More than 1 million square feet of area.

  What is the ghost town?It is more like a robotic city.

  New York,new York


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  Oh!Look,Flower!A pedestrian stopped street to enjoy the floral landscape area of New York Street,And raise your mobile phone to shoot this view.

  This is a mad scene after the epidemic, and the situation is almost the same.

  The epidemic is far from ending,But residential real estate has begun to rebound.Business district outside Manhattan,For example, the Fordham Road, Fordham Road, and the MAIN street of the Queen’s Ladya Community.It is active,And China is maintained.

  Bars, restaurants and sports venues in New York have been full,Even than the May 1st, the DE Blasi may, I have to reopeically reopeically reopeically reopened the date in a few months.

  As for the event of the majority of people who leave the city?Maybe it is exaggerated.According to the data of UNACAST,From January 1, 2020 to December 7, 2020,In at least eight weeks,About 357 million people left New York City or leaving New York City.But only about 70,000 people stayed outside the city.

  This is not the first time that the crisis leads to predicting overheating.I still remember that after the 911 attack,How did the New Yorkers announce the “ironic end”?


  Photo: Daniel Arnold for the New York Times

  A quiet Friday morning,A lady in the center of Times Square,Kneeling and praying and welcoming the rise of the sun.

  The “Wishes” of the 1970s was the pop culture in the 1980s.David Dinkins (David Dinkins era criminal wave and economic dilemma have stimulated countless people to issue a declaration of “New York Dednes”.Just as the cover story of the “Times” magazine in 1990,”Big apple is rotten”.however,New York did not become the wasteland of the city.Instead, I have experienced the madness of the Internet in the 1990s.

  Translator Note: David Dinkins,The former Mayor of New York.Once served in the US Navy Marine Corps,Participated in the Second World War.

  He is a Democrat,The 106th mayor of New York City.It is also the first and only African-American born New York City.

  Talking about remote office,Peacehamism has always believed thatSince dialing the Internet era,Technology progress will make large cities no one.

  So maybe it’s time to let the New Yorkers have checked.Let those who escape to Florida worried that the sea level rose.


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