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[will psvr work on ps5]Does PSVR Work on PS5?

Time:2021-10-06 02:49:04


  1AgriculturalTue 15th Sep 2020

  ”Wow, no comments yet… why not be the first?”

  Don’t mind if I do!

  I hope Sony makes as much peripherals as possible compatible since it’s easier with a more powerful console. Even if the PSVR will be replaced I hope both the old and new will work with PS5 since it’s unreasonable to buy new peripherals every generation.



  2Total_WeirdoTue 15th Sep 2020

  I love my PSVR especially the star wars VR mission in Battlefront.



  3Rudy_ManchegoSat 19th Sep 2020

  Random question @get2sammyb but will we need the pass through box for PS5 and PSVR? My limited understanding is that this would diminish image quality as it currently does with PS4 Pro and HDR?



  4cinderbyteThu 29th Oct 2020

  Checked the website to see if eligible for adaptor, but the model i have is the 2nd gen (Model# CUH-ZVR2). any update on if this is compatible with PS5? or all PSVRs need the adaptor?



  5GazzaMrazzThu 29th Oct 2020

  Hi @get2sammyb , how do you know we’ll be able to enjoy native PS5 releases? Were Push Square told this by Sony? Was there an announcement at some point? I’ve been looking for confirmation and so far the only site that seems to state this is Push Square.




  6Bad-MuthaAdebisiSun 8th Nov 2020

  @GazzaMrazz because a ps5 vr game on ps5 will work with psvr, there is no psvr2 or psvr5, what a nonsense question


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