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[South Park Phone Destroyer]South Park Phone Destroyer Patch Notes: Huge Update Coming February 27

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  South Park Phone Destroyer devs announced Wednesday that a major update to the popular CCG will be coming next week. The update will include everything from balance changes to new events, legendary leaderboards and more. Below we’ve put together a compact summary of everything announced in the patch notes.

  South Park phone destroyer patch notes update February balance changes legendary leaderboard events friendly fights release date Stan of Many Moons is one of five cards recieving big balance changes in the February 27 Phone Destroyer update. Photo: Player.One

  The new update isn’t scheduled to release until Tuesday, February 27, but the devs have already outlined a ton of new stuff players can expect, beginning with some pretty significant balance changes. According to Community Manager, That Darn Steve, the balance update will be “ so big, that it would be an insane task to even list the specifics of every Rare, Epic, and Legendary change.” He did, however, assure players that “almost every single one of them got a scaling upgrade buff to attack and health.”

  “Though most Rare, Epic and Legendary units will remain at the same Level 1, Upgrade 0, they will receive added boosts when being upgraded, due to improved scaling throughout their upgrade tree. So, when they get to Level 1, Upgrade 1, they will have received a modest boost to their upgraded stats, and this will continue until their max upgrade point. Underpants Gnomes have not been adjusted.”

  In addition to these updates, Steve also outlines specific balances coming to five cards. They are as follows:

  Stan of Many Moons ?- Damage increased to 200 (base) through 600 (max). His previous damage ranged from 60 (base) ?- 300 (max).

  Regeneration – Base regeneration increased to 12 HP/second and will continue to scale up across upgrade levels but the amount will decrease toward the higher upgrade end.

  Mind control – The duration of Mind control will now scale up more strongly. The base duration will remain 7 seconds, but it will now gain 0.5 seconds of duration per upgrade, rather than the 0.25 seconds it previously received. The maximum duration will now be 10 seconds.

  Purify and Powerbind – Both of these cards will be adjusted to come in line with the relative power of their peers.

  Purify – gets a static range of 1 meter. It also now has an upgradeable target amount – at level 1, it will purify 1 unit. At level 2, it will purify 2 units, and so on. The cost of Purify has also been adjusted from 1 to 2.

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  Powerbind – Powerbind also now has a static range of 1 meter, and an upgradable target amount beginning at 1. The cost has also been increased to 2.

  South Park phone destroyer patch notes legendary leaderboard update February balance changes events friendly fights release date Legendary Leaderboards are coming to the next Phone Destroyer update. Photo: Player.One

  A new feature that has been highly requested by the community, Legendary Leaderboards will finally make their way into South Park Phone Destroyer’s next update. ?Players will be able to see a full leaderboard of the top players in the game, making it easier for the community to see where you and where other players outside your team sit in terms of both worldwide rankings and country rankings. Players will also be able to see season rewards in each respective reward tier through the leaderboard.

  Matchmaking improvements are on their way for Legendary players as they will now only face other Legendaries in PvP. Since Legendary players may range vastly in their worldwide ranking, the devs have also made tweaks to the matchmaking algorithm for Legendary players to avoid “lopsided” matches. The new algorithm will search We will search for a match that is within 150 ranks above or below your current worldwide rank. If no match is found, that search will be expanded to 300 and so on.

  South Park phone destroyer patch notes update February balance changes legendary leaderboard events friendly fights release date South Park Phone Destroyer patch notes reveal a new system for PvP packs will come in the February 27 update. Photo: Player.One

  The next update will feature a new phone destroyer system in which players will notice their health bars have changed both visually and functionally. Now, when players take an opponent’s health bar segment, it will actually appear that they are destroying a phone. In order to win a match, players must destroy more phones than their opponents.

  This change will also affect the way players earn PvP packs in that before players needed 3 wins to earn a PvP pack. With the new Phone Destroyer system, however, players can make progress even if they lose or tie. Under the new system, winning a PvP pack requires destroying 9 phones. If you lose a match, but still manage to destroy a phone or two, these will go towards the redemption of a PvP pack.

  South Park phone destroyer patch notes team events update February balance changes Team Events will begin in March for Phone Destroyer fans. Photo: Player.One

  The next major update will feature a new set of team events which allow a team’s combined progress to earn every member additional rewards outside of the rewards players can earn alone. There will be an event-based leaderboard for team members to keep track of progress, and see who contributes the most! The first set of Team Events will be held in March and will coincide with the release of a brand new card.

  Daily Deals

  Every day players will see new deals appear in Butter’s Shop. These may be material or card stacks, free offers, or other epic deals. These deals will refresh with the shop and are only available once a day. Certain offers can be purchased up to 3 times.

  South Park phone destroyer patch notes update friendly fights balance changes legendary leaderboard events release date Players can participate in Friendly Fights against their teammates after the next South Park Phone Destroyer update. Photo: Player.One

  Friendly fights is another much-requested feature that is finally making its way into Phone Destroyer. These fights will be found in a new Training Arena. Players have the option to compete against team members to see who is truly the best Phone Destroyer. The practice arena will have a grid for measuring distance, and your New Kid’s zap radius outlined in sticky notes. In order to make sure players can test out strategies and play on even footing, Friendly Fights will have the following ruleset applied:

  - The New Kid level will be set at 11

  - Common cards will be level 4

  - Rare cards level 3

  - Epic cards level 2

  - Legendary cards level 1

  After playing against your teammates, the team chat will then show the results of the match. You will also be able to see what deck you were beaten with.


  Which new feature of the South Park Phone Destroyer update are you most excited about? Share with us in the comments below!


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