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[Rocksmith]Twitch streamers protest audio takedowns by making their own sound, playing rhythm games with no mus

Time:2021-10-05 00:17:58

  I took the advice Twitch gave and muted my Rocksmith game audioSounds pretty good I think! You also get a more realistic sweaty metalhead experience! pic.twitter.com/74iAmdNHK5November 12, 2020

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  Since October, Twitch has been deleting significant quantities of videos over copyright claims, leaving the affected streamers with no way to respond or issue counter-claims. Twitch eventually explained that the number of DMCA notifications it receives from major record labels has surged, going from “fewer than 50” each year to “thousands” beginning in May. The recommendation offered to streamers was to play games with the music muted, which obviously isn’t great advice when it comes to rhythm games, or games that don’t have the option to mute music separately from other audio.

  Meanwhile, some streamers have had videos muted due to sound effects, with claims coming via automated content recognition software Audible Magic. These claims can be contested, but it’s still frustrating for those affected by content ID software that can’t tell the difference between copyrighted audio and the noise of a grandfather clock chiming in a horror game.

  In response, streamers have been protesting by playing games with the sound off completely to highlight the absurdity of the situation, some using the hashtag #DMCAsoundoff. Watching Rocksmith players grunt or silently nod along to songs nobody can hear highlights the problem while still entertaining their viewers, as does hearing them improvise their own the sound effects for games like Resident Evil 2.

  Here’s the future of Twitch. A completely clean DMCA version of Resident Evil 2. pic.twitter.com/WecW68ToWSNovember 12, 2020

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  So I took Twitch’s advice and muted the game audio!No DMCA Strikes for me! pic.twitter.com/VC6f2KPFxUNovember 12, 2020

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  Since Twitch has recommended that game audio and music now be muted. I hope ya’ll are prepared for the age of Drongo produced sound effects and music.Oh and we’re live with more Rimworld now!#rimworld #stream #twitch #DMCA https://t.co/MkTPVtdtG3 pic.twitter.com/2EXXypacPINovember 13, 2020

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