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[Entertainment Weekly Scott Pilgrim]Overseas streaming market or shuffling

Time:2021-06-25 16:00:14


Central Radio and TV Station celebrates the construction of the party’s 100-year theme broadcast drama

”Celebrating the 100th Anniversary Theme Radle Drama” of the Communist Party of China, “” To Yan’an “,” Da Liangshan “,” Da Liangshan “,” Anne’s Huahai “On June 16, I went online in Beijing.

It is understood thatThe creation team adopts advanced broadcast technology.Shaping people through elements such as ever, music, sound, create a scene, telling stories,Lead the audience “Sound” in his situation feels the history of the 100th year.The radio drama “Go to Yan’an” “Da Liangshan” invited youth actors rich dragons, “old play bones” Han Tongsheng and a group of outstanding dubbing actors participated.Cantonese radio drama “Da Rescue” “Anne’s Huahai” invited Hong Kong actor Gao Haining and Guangdong Cantonese actor Tiger Yanfen,Singer, actor Liangshan Mountain served as a starring.The creation team also actively explores the innovative expression of radio drama.Through the visual radio drama, “slow live”, micro video,And in the form of a long picture, the flank is embedded in the form of corresponding broadcast drama audio fragment,Let the radio drama, visualize, visualize,Let the party history live.

It is reported that,”To Yan’an go to” “Da Liangshan” “big rescue” “Anne’s Huahai” The four topic radio drama starts from June 16th,In the Voice of China, the Voice of China, the sound of the Dawan District, the sound of Taihai Voices, etc.CCTV news client, CIE video client, cloud listening to the client, Yangguang.com and other largest platforms and learning power platforms are launched.Cantonese radio drama “big rescue” and “Anne’s Huahai” will be broadcast on Hong Kong and Macao media such as Hong Kong Radio, Australia.Central Radio and Television Terrace will donate broadcast video products to the Chinese Cultural Congress to rescue Memorial Halls and Hong Kong and Macao Community Groups.(Source: China News Network)


Love film “When a man is in love,” box office counterattack

recently,Tearless movie “When a man is in love,” relying on a good reputation to achieve the box office counterclock.According to the cat’s eye professional version,As of June 17th,The amount of the piece is only lower than “transcendence”.The last rate is much higher than “transcendence”.Winning the championship champion.June 18th,With the “Detention Island”, the “The Islander” is released,”When a man is in love,” the drain fell to the third,But the day box office is still in the second place.“When a man is in love,” is laid by Yin Zhenhao.Cheng Weihao supervisory system,Qiu Ze, Xu Yining starred,In the past five years, there have been a championship in Taiwan, China.On June 11th, the country is released.The film has triggered extensive discussions in multiple social platforms.Harvest a lot of hot search topics,among them,”Social Big Brother” is stupid to fall into the contrast of love.Male and female owner, bitter, sweet, love, touch fan.After the view is over,Many viewers sigh “a pack of paper towels is not crying enough.”(Zhong Wei)


Market cooling?Overseas streaming media market or face shuffling

According to the technical research company OMDIA data,After experiencing the explosive growth of 2020 flow media,The average number of US single users use video streaming services has declined first.From November last year.23 fell to 7 in April this year.06.In the case of the continuous growth of the pay TV users, the subscription type video service user continues to grow,More and more users gave up the advertising video on demand (Avod),It is more inclined to select a payment on demand.In addition,Even in the advertising on demand market,Because the entertainment industry has absolute advantage,The choice of the user will tend to streamline.Analysts from Wall Street and other institutions believe thatNetflix and Disney + are so strong, the number of global users is huge,It will be good in this increasingly fierce field of competition.Smaller video streaming media companies may face shuffles in the future.(“Hollywood Report” The Hollywood Reporter 2021.06.16)


Disney advertising pre-sale income 40% from streaming media

In this year’s advertising pre-sale season,Disney first integrates pre-sale of advertising in all platforms.Compared with two years ago,Disney’s pre-sale income has increased significantly,All day programs, cable TV and main sports events are very strong.Disney’s broadcasting network, wired network and sports business sales,And the cost (CPM) price per thousand people,Get two-digit gains.As a leader in the advertising video on-demand platform,The Hulu platform shows a powerful enhancement capacity.The pre-sale revenue of the Disney Advertise,Both circulation or digital media.Disney-related person in charge said this”The result of the entire portfolio is very encouraging.”(Next TV 2021.06.15)


YouTube homepage ban gambling, alcohol, prescription drugs and political advertising

Video website YouTube released news,Website Home and APP Homepage The eye-catching position is forbidden to appear with gambling, alcohol, prescription drugs,And advertisements for politics and elections.The advertisement of the area is considered to be “the most significant Google Advertising location for advertisers.”It takes about 2 million US dollars on the Youtube home page.YouTube said,The advertising policy of this location will continue to be adjusted in the future.No longer allow for a day-oriented unit,”We will regularly assess advertising requirements.To balance advertisers and users’ needs.I believe that new changes will bring a better experience.(“Variety” Variety 2021.06.16)


”Beauty and Beast” prequel to adapt the musical drama

In 1993, “Beauty and Beast” musicals premiered in Houston,Duck open the Disney Era of the Broadway Music.Disney announced last month to shoot the premature music drama of the classic work,During the 2017 movie, LUKE Evans and Josh Gads, who were in the 2017 version, will return.Disney Flow Media Platform Disney + has confirmed the first 8 episodes of the booking of the music.To ensure the stage of starring,The drama will start shooting in the spring of 2022.Alan Menken, which has been the 2017 Movie Edition, will continue to create soundtrays and songs for new episodes.(“Entertainment Weekly” Entertainment Weekly 2021.06.15)The audio-visual radio and electricity is dynamic in the new “view” wild scan industry.Receive the innovation signal with a keen “listening”.324 original contents OFFICIAL ACCOUNTThe Variety “Variety” is in a unique perspective, andFocus on companies and industrial leaders with power and potential,Structure the industrial context,Discover industrial trends and provide a case of rejuvenation!3392 artificial content OFFICIAL ACCOUNT

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