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[is venom in fortnite]Fortnite Officially Releases Ant

Time:2021-09-08 18:49:37

  After hinting that one of Marvel’s tiniest heroes was coming to Fortnite, Ant-Man officially arrives with a host of cosmetics.

  By Oliver VanDervoort

  Published Mar 07, 2021


  ant-man joins fortnite

  Fortnite creator Epic Games has been teasing the arrival of Ant-Man to the game for a little while now. Now, one of Marvel’s tiniest heroes has officially joined the fray.

  Marvel characters coming to Fortnite is nothing new. Since the game started featuring crossovers there have been several additions straight from the comic books. In fact, over the last few days, the battle royale has seen the return of several Marvel favorites including Venom.

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  However, Ant-Man is a new addition to the list of MCU characters to join Fortnite. Epic Games’ official Twitter account announced the addition, one day after teasing the character and challenging users to try and see if they could figure out who the account was hinting at. On Saturday, the Twitter account posted a picture of Cable and several other X-Men-affiliated super-powered people. The tweet talked about a large number of heroes and villains?that came to the island, and then said it had “missed one.”


  Sorry we didn’t see you there Ant-Man.

  Grab Ant-Man and more Marvel Heroes in the Item Shop now! pic.twitter.com/owlOjOnQfT

  — Fortnite (@FortniteGame) March 7, 2021

  It didn’t take long for users to spot Ant-Man hiding on the arm of Cable, in the picture. Epic didn’t keep players waiting too long before it confirmed the arrival. Alongside the tiny hero – who is normal-sized in the game – developers also added several themed cosmetics. Those cosmetics include an ant as the MCU character’s backpack, and his pick-ax is made to look as though it’s a giant toothpick through an olive in a nod to his shrinking ability.

  The vast majority of the Marvel heroes and villains to land in Fortnite came at the end of last summer as a major part of the Nexus War. Eventually, those MCU stars all banded together to take on Galactus. That battle “cleared the board” for the next season, which has strongly featured a wide range of characters all identified as “hunters.” It’s been a far more eclectic group than even the Marvel event brought with The Mandalorian, Halo’s Master Chief, and God of War’s Kratos all joining.


  There has also been plenty of other comic book heroes added into the game over the last few weeks. It hasn’t all been Marvel either, as?recently, both Green Arrow and the Flash got their own cosmetics for use on the island. The addition of Ant-Man, however, seems to have been used as a kind of vehicle to bring back several favorites that had been rotated out of use for a while.

  Fortnite?is available for Android, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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