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[We Hate You Please Die Scott Pilgrim]Three days can be seen: understand a person,Can determine Love or Hate

Time:2021-06-25 15:52:43

  ”Only three days visible”,Maybe your friends circle settings.Invitation,Guess,Under the beautiful beauty,You and they are not familiar with each other.Guess the exchange,Intuitive is higher than everything.The first star social experiment program – “Three days can be seen”,Jiang Sida regards himself as an experimental variable,Three days of closeness with the star guests,Finally complete a high-gloss dialogue.

  Nowadays, many people have shown “only three days of visible”,The content under the horizontal bar can not pass,Guess,As if wearing a layer of protective color,It hides soft yourself.This is the social pathology of contemporary young people – social fear.

  Recently there is such a program,Its sponsor is Jiang Sida,Every period of this program will follow the trip of the star guest,Life together for three days.Don’t determine if you like this person,Don’t know this star from the topic of the star,But together with him for three days,I decide whether I like or hate him.The name of this variety show is “only three days visible”.


  The show did not be promoted.Online third phase,The topic discussion is not reduced,Douban score 8.2 minutes.”Three days can be seen” is like the permission function in the WeChat circle of friends.Sometimes it’s like missed,So understanding the other party is not comprehensive enough.


  ”Only three days can be seen” with Jiang Sida as “first perspective”,The record and the eight star guests have a three-day process,And complete a “walking dialogue” after getting along with the end.Mining the social attitude of the current young people.

  In fact, three days are not long.Will not feel embarrassed,bored,But in this short three days, you must make a deeper exchange and get along with it.And complete a walking dialogue after getting along with the end.Excavate the social attitude of people in the present,This is also a unique way to show a lonely lonely lifestyle.Also see a person’s lifestyle and the attitude toward life.This is really too much than the network voice that is unpredictable.


  Talking about Jiang Sida,I also stayed in the impression of “Qi Qi Defense”.The show is Jiang Sida personally participates in planned programs.This program is not a purely interview show that chatting.It is defined as “star social experiment”.


  If,Ability to communicate and get along the process,People feel a kind of listening and attaching importance,That is definitely a high-quality business,So when chatting,It is a sense of spirituality that can make people feel a sense of feelings and emotions.Transparent but not exposed excessive,Restricted but not coldfield,These ones,I think Jiang Sida did it.



  The first phase of the guest is Jiang Sida, “benefactor” Xie Na,He is also in order to say that Xie Na is not his ideal access object,Because Xie Na is familiar with him, even “benefactor”,Because Xie Na used to be in the absence of them.Tell him on social media,This matter gave Jiang Sida greatly touched.This leads him with its own subjective position.


  Jiang Sida asked himself in an interview “I like Xie Na may be because of the two premise: she helped himself.She is famous,But if you don’t remember her so-called help you,If you don’t remember her merit ahead,Can you still like her?”


  Jiang Sida is in three days along with Xie Na,Not only see Xie Na,I also saw myself.

  ”Don’t you have, where is it?Make some one look,This is someone else,Or others are hard to have.”

  ”Na sister is still a simple and happy girl.This kind of simple happiness,Just like she he said, “Ok, she got it.I want to pass bad. “The entertainment circle is now full of fun attitude and a happy mentality.It is worth cherishing.”This is Jiang Sida’s evaluation of Xie Na.



  The second guest is a pool,He is called “offshore”,And Li’s birthday periodBut I chose to bid farewell to the stage 24 years old; he as a public figure but attractive lens; he picked up a star to not count the consequences,At the same time, I will not touch my temper.


  Facing funny pool,Jiang Sida put forward a stronger problem.

  –“you said,Where is Li Yon?


  - “You laugh in the show,A few points true,What a few is fake?


  - “Where can you notice that you are in dress?



  The show started,Jiang Sida throws a view of the pool:

  ”The pool has always been for me,A slight mysterious existence,He is very strange,He is very confident.I think he has always wanted to learn but nothing.This level is his problem.It is also where I envy.It is a very relaxed person in front of him.He treats the attitude of the machine,Just like a shit.”

  But after three days,Thunda said: “We are friends who can take care of each other.”

  ”There is always someone mixed,Do not listen to persuasion,Center for self-world,In some places, it is not willing to cooperate with you.He is still very good.”



  The third phase of the guest is known as the poisonous tongue.


  In this issue,Jiang Sida said that he was in trouble to board the topic.

  In the beginning,正 正 无 无, ridicule, play mobile phones,Doing everything in the eyes of the public is considered “no courtesy and does not respect”.Even after the back, Jiang Sida has expressed his incooling in the face,But there is no change in it.Still in my life.See this,Most of the netizens’ comments are actually imagined,That is, this Jiang Sida is “annoying topic scriptwriter”.


  Although the performance is very dissatisfied,But the final Jiang Sida and a paragraph of the top of the table have seen the other side behind the “annoying”.

  Finally, in three days,Director asks how to describe a relationship between two people?

  Jiang Sida said: “I think we have the relationship is not a word to summarize.It is two different directions.I am saying thatI think I am a young man who is very appreciated; in terms of me,Is a new existence,It is a new thing I am willing to accept the existence in my own world.”


  From the beginning of the unhabined, there is emotion, there is a parallel to the final reconciliation.

  Everything is mutual,When they face face,When each other is respectful,The story is opened.


  Each phase is finallyThere is also a highlight design.”Two true fake”,Guests and Jiang Sida will ask three questions,Require two truth in the answer,Real vacation is not revealed,Which question is going to say a lie,Which question is to tell the truth,Will you encounter problems that must be truly fake,Or you must tell the truth,This creative is very wonderful.The level of the problem can be gradually deepened.Which question is true,That problem is fake,Leave the audience to guess.But it is obvious that you can know the most realistic side from three questions.



  When a person is devout,Sincerely listening,I believe it is difficult to wear a hypocritical mask to face a person’s sincerity.The audience can not only see the guests of the guests.You can also use Jiang Sida to inspect them.Look at Jiang Sida’s views and feelings in the moment.So it will give people a more intuitive and more realistic feeling.Just like Jiang Sida said, “Even if this thing is completely my subjective,but,I don’t care about objective.”


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