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[Assassin’s Creed Valhalla]What should you choose in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Thorstein quest?

Time:2021-08-21 01:27:23

  Wondering how to tackle the Thorstein choice in AC Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids? Or maybe you’re having trouble snaring Thorstein before you’re faced with the decision of how to deal with him. This choice comes fairly early on in the DLC and you’re probably wondering if there are any lasting consequences to these events before you proceed.

  While the events described in this Thorstein guide take place only a few quests into Wrath of the Druids, take care to avoid spoilers below. That said, if you’ve already reached the Snaring Thorstein mission, you should be safe to read on. Here’s how to find Thorstein as well as what advice you should give Barad when making the Thorstein choice.

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  First of all, you’ll want to locate and talk to Sichfrith. He tells you to speak to Ama as she may know where Thorstein is hiding. He also advises you to be careful. Ama is found to the north at the docks where she is drinking with other warriors.

  You’ll need to challenge Ama to a drinking contest and you soon learn that she is trusted by Thorstein and also has the key to his hideout. You need to get the key to find Thorstein and there are a couple of ways to do that. You can either steal the key from her without alerting the attention of her bodyguards—this is easiest to do when she’s vomiting over the side of the dock. Or if you’re feeling confident, you can take the key and just deal with her and the bodyguards when they attack.

  Once you have the key to Thorstein’s hideout, head to the northeast corner of the town. The hideout is located here but you might want to clear out some enemies first—it is a restricted area and you’ll need to fight your way back out with Thorstein in tow. When you enter the underground area, you’ll find Thorstein and a few enemies present. Once they’ve been dealt with, bind Thorstein and carry him back to the king.

  When you make it back to Barid, the king will ask for your advice on what to do with Thorstein. Eivor will be given three choices:

  A dignified executionA brutal deathA display of cruelty

  You can pick any of these options as the result will be the same regardless. Barid will decide that Thorstein isn’t worth the effort, strip him of his lands and silver, and banish him from the region.

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