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[RE ZERO 20]Today is a big day 19:30 mechanic 20: 00ROG magic series, Raytheon Zero

Time:2021-06-25 15:43:24

  Mechanic, ROG new diaphragm series, Raytheon Zero will be released on May 11.

  May 11 19:30

  Mechanic brand upgrade and new product conference,The live broadcast will be launched in multiple platforms at 19:30 on May 11.


  The new mechanic’s new product has been determined to be equipped with an RTX30 series graphics card.However, the new product will be equipped with the GeForce RTX 3050 or NVIDIAGEFORCE RTX 3060,Or higher configurations are not certain.The mechanics in the processor are also possible to carry TDP45W11 Generation Tigerlake H Series Processors.

  May 11th 20:00

  The ROG Magic Series New Product Probability will carry a new chip to meet the ultimate demand for users.Combined with this ROG player country micro mention “Rog invites you to the first time to experience the powerful charm of the new Tiger Lake-H45 architecture processor”,Perhaps the new product of the fantasy series is equipped with the Intel 11-generation cool-Rui H45 standard pressure mobile platform for Tiger Lake-H45 architecture.


  In addition to the new product of the ROG Magic series,Rog This new product conference may also bring a new new product,As the flagship product sequence of Rog,According to the previous officially preheated video content,Rog ice blade will continue to be independent dual screen design,When the notebook is open,The sub-screen will rise slowly.At the same time, the light and the design of the A plane are quite out.

  Thunder God announced the theme “Raytheon Technology 2021” started to start “, the new product release was held at 20:00 on May 11,The new generation of flagship games will be officially debut!


  This notebook will be equipped with 16.0 inch 16:10 narrow border full screen,Has 2.5K high resolution, 165Hz refresh rate,At the same time, 100% SRGB color gamut is supported.500nit high brightness.The machine uses a wind tunnel Pro heat dissipation architecture 2.0 design,Have 5 heat pipes,One is dedicated to graphics card cooling.The heat dissipation system is equipped with large-sized fins with four-way air outlet design.Will also carry 12V power supply LCP liquid crystal blade cooling fan,With mute performance,It also provides excellent heat dissipation performance.

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