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[Hitman 3 EPIC GAMES Steam]Apple requires Steam to provide more than 10,000 game sales information in continuous proceedings with EPIC Games.

Time:2021-06-25 15:34:13

  Apple summoned Valve in a litigation with Epic Games.It is required to provide a large number of commercial data that can be traced back to Steam sales and operations a few years ago. Apple launched a summove in November 2020,The reason is that Valve’s digital distribution service Steam Related information is critical to the sued EPIC GAMES.

  Apple requires Valve to provide documentation,To show the annual sales of the product, the annual advertising income, the annual sales of external products, and the annual sales of external products.And annual income and benefits from Steam.In addition,There is also more refined requirements.Including the name of each application on Steam, each application listing date,And the price purchased in all applications and applications.

  This apparently involves the information needs of the initial exceeding 30,000 games.But Apple will then narrow down to around 600 games.despite this,Apple still insists on receiving a file related to each version of a product.And a lot of financial information for the Valve business.Apple believes thatSteam is a dominant digital game publisher on the PC platform.It is a direct competitor of the EPIC game store.Therefore, digital market sales and operation information can display the market competition in EPIC game stores.Apple believes thatValve should provide this information,Because this information cannot be obtained elsewhere,And it will not cause any competitive risk.

  Although Apple and Valve have apparently discussed many times,But Valve refuses to provide most of the information required by Apple in the sumbrum.Valve said,It has been cooperated in a reasonable range.Provide files with distribution of income, competition with EPIC, STEAM issuance, etc.But claims to provide hundreds of games and item sales in hundreds of third-party games,And these games and Valve income confidential information is unreasonable.

  The company also expressed dissatisfaction with Apple asked Valve to participate in the case.Because Steam is not a competitor in the mobile field,It is called Valve is not EPIC.There is no FortNite on Steam.Valve even accused Apple as a shortcut to get a large number of commercial sensitive third-party data.Valve added,It doesn’t even retain all the information seeking from Apple,Because it does not require this information during normal business.Valve now appeals to the court to dismiss the news of Apple.at the same time,Apple and Epic Games are still in progress.


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