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[make money fast online for free]The 6 Best Apps to Quit Smoking in 2021

Time:2021-08-06 17:13:39

  Price: free for basic services; in-app products start at $0.99

  Flamy gives you two options for your smoking cessation journey. You can choose the “one less everyday” plan — or if you want to fast-track your results, you can choose the “14 Days Challenge.”

  The app provides you with a variety of stop smoking cards and allows you to challenge your friends so you can quit smoking together.

  Several reviews recommend purchasing an upgraded version for the most success.

  What we likeThere’s a fast-track option if you want to stop smoking quickly.The app offers different games to distract you from your desire to smoke.Motivation cards help you to keep going on your journey.What to look out forThis app is only available on Android.Get started with Flamy here

  Price: free

  This app — with its rather memorable name — offers a sophisticated reward system that includes a variety of trophies you can obtain. It supports several currencies and offers detailed statistics on your progress.

  The app also has a community chat to keep you encouraged on your journey by talking with other people trying to quit. It even offers a relapse button to help get you back on track to achieving your goal.

  What we likeThe app is available in English, German, and Polish.Understanding a relapse may occur, the app offers a specific option to get you back on track.You can share your achievements from the app via Facebook, email, or SMS.What to look out forThis app is only available on Android.Get started with Get Rich or Die Smoking here

  Price: free; in-app products start at $3.49

  This app says it uses a scientific method to support your smoking cessation journey. Inspired by cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the app says it provides specific strategies to help with your cravings.

  Kwit specifically addresses cravings or a relapse by encouraging you to keep a journal of your progress. It also gives insight into your use of nicotine substitutes to help you stop usage little by little.

  What we likeThe app notes that it specifically addresses smoking and vaping.The app also seeks to help manage your intake of nicotine substitutes.It’s available on Android and iPhone platforms.What to look out forReviews note the version to get helpful bells and whistles is expensive and costs go up to $64.99.Get Kwit for Android here Get Kwit for iPhone here

  Price: free; $3.99 for Pro version

  QuitNow! offers you goals to help you quit smoking one step at a time. It has a list of health indicators that explain your body’s progress day by day, which it says are based on the ones offered by the World Health Organization.

  The app provides a chat bot to answer any questions you have that aren’t listed in the FAQ section. It even gives book recommendations to help you quit smoking.

  Its strongest point, however, is the community of people who used to smoke. People who have walked the path you’re currently on and succeeded are there to provide encouragement and support every step of the way.

  What we likeThe app shows you how much money you’ve saved by not smoking, and even how many cigarettes you avoided having.It boasts a supportive chat community.The app is available on both Android and iPhone platforms.What to look out forSeveral reviewers mention glitches when updating to the Pro version.Get started with QuitNow! here

  Price: free; upgraded versions start at $0.99

  The creators of Smoke Free claim that more than 10 people stop smoking every hour by using the app. The app helps you track how long it’s been since you quit smoking, how your health has improved, and how much money you’ve saved. You also receive tips on how to deal with cravings, and help identify patterns that contribute to your cravings to smoke.

  The Pro version offers an AI coach who will help keep you accountable and on track with your goals.

  Additional paid versions give you the opportunity to get a stop-smoking plan tailored to your needs, along with the help of an expert advisor.

  What we likeThe free version is also free of ads.The paid version allows you to receive a custom cessation plan from an expert advisor.The app is available on both Android and iPhone platforms.What to look out forSeveral upgrades are available for purchase; diligence may be needed to determine what exactly comes with the specific version you’re buying.Some research indicates that people who used the full version of the app were more likely to report abstaining from smoking for 3 consecutive months than those who used the reduced version.Get started with Smoke Free here

  This app takes a tapered approach, working to help you reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke day by day rather than quitting “cold turkey.”

  It alerts you if you attempt to smoke another cigarette before meeting your daily goal.

  Reviewers note that the information collected by the app has helped to highlight the severity of their smoking habit.

  What we likeYou can compare your smoking statistics from day to day on the app.You can export your data and progress to share with others.Reducing the number of cigarettes smoked day by day may be easier for some than quitting cold turkey.The app can notify you when it’s time to smoke, keeping you on task with your goal to a slow smoking rate.What to look out forThe app is only available on Android.Get started with Smoking Log – Stop Smoking here

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