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Time:2021-08-06 01:27:41

  Pulaski County real estate transactions of $150,000 or more; deeds recorded May 24-May 28:

  The Madison At Chenal, LLC to Passco Little Rock DST, Pt. NW 6-1N-13W, $65,040,750.

  Justin Lynch and J&J Industrial Partners, LLC to Catherine House, LLC, L2R Blk. D, Westpark Development Replat, $4,500,000.

  The Nature Conservancy to Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, Pt. S/2 SE 36-3N-15W; Pt. S/2 Section 31-3N-14W; Pt. Section 1-2N-15W; Ls4-11 B2 & Ls2-6 & 13-14 B3, The Ridges At Nowlin Creek (see Document For Further Legal Descriptions), $3,979,000.

  Bradford-Fort Smith, LLC to Calle Ocho, LLC, 401 S. Bowman Road, Little Rock, L2-A, Erwin, $2,400,000.

  Lfore Holdings, LLC to Lane Creek Investments, LLC, Pt. SW 22-1S-14W (Saline County), $2,075,471.

  The Skyline Commons, LLLP to DLWC Real Estate, LLC, L1, Vue On Riverfront, $1,500,000.

  Myrna Anne Glover and The 2015 Myrna Anne Family Trust to JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA, L2, Glover, $1,300,000.

  Nathan and Emily Sutterer to Zachary Lambersten and Molly E. Reeves, 2721 N. Pierce St., Little Rock, L1 B18, Park View, $1,050,000.

  Balcone’s Recycling, Inc. to Natural State Recycling, LLC, Tract C Area 103, Little Rock Port Industrial Park, $1,038,304.

  Greg G. and Karen M. Helmbeck to FNS Properties, LLC, 7473 Warden Road, Sherwood, L4, Sherwood Commercial Park, $962,000.

  Otis T. and Nikki P. Gordon and The Otis T. Gordon And Nikki P. Gordon Living Trust to Asad Sheikh, 106 Deauville Drive, Little Rock, L4 B88, Chenal Valley, $874,999.

  Madonna Badher to Mark Jefferson and Morie Malloy, 3404 Cedar Hill Road, Apt. 7-8, Little Rock, Apts. 7 & 8, Westriver Townhouses HPR- Cedar Hill Terrace Replat, $730,000.

  Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church Trustees to The Place Of Harvest, 6401 W. 32nd St., Little Rock, Pt. SE NE 13-1N-13W, $725,000.

  Jean-Paul Stalpers and The Jean-Paul Stalpers Revocable Living Trust to James Edwin and Courtney Whitley, Tract 3, Sunset Ranch Estates; Pt. SW SE 21-1N-14W, $697,400.

  Andrew Collins to James H. and Maureen Griffin, 4808 Club Road, Little Rock, L3 B1, Country Club Heights, $645,000.

  Gregory Stein and Brandi Necole Gruber to Arnold and Lenore Merrell, L10 B106, Chenal Valley, $624,850.

  John F. and Marie M. Rians to Amy and Ronald John Martino II., 108 Weston Place, Little Rock, L4 B16, The Villages Of Wellington, $617,000.

  Joseph Wong and Julia Liu to Rondell Banks Peterson and Elizabeth Anne Caery, 412 Miramar Blvd., Little Rock, L10 B110, Chenal Valley, $588,000.

  Mary Price Jones, Helen Porter Puckett and The Bypass Trust/The Price Family Revocable Trust to Matthew Bart and Annie Feltus Lindsey and The Lindsey Joint Revovable Trust L29, Overlook Park, $550,000.

  Mark R. and Alison O. Hayes to J. Michael Freeman, L131, St. Charles, $547,500.

  Eric and Mary Charl Korita to Tanya Denise Auzenne, 8 Piney Lane, Little Rock, L4 B45, Chenal Valley, $525,500.

  Kevin Lee and Susan Lynn Goolsby to Paul and Alicia Osborn, 2723 County Line Road, Little Rock, Pt. S/2 NW NW 18-1N-14W, $505,000.

  Elizabeth Anne Jones and The Wright-Jones Family Trust to Robert N. and Kimberly Wade, 36 Riverwood Cove, Maumelle, L42-R, River Run Replat, $475,000.

  John J. and Judy C. Buehrle to Gregory B. Smith and Frances Elizabeth Lyons, 8 Fontenay Circle, Little Rock, L28 B5, Chenal Valley, $454,000.

  Tresa S. Dunnican-Jacome and The Tresa S. Dunnican-Jacome Living Trust to Weston Clifford and Cheryl Blankenship, 825 Christy Cove, Jacksonville, L5, Bushwood Estates Phase I, $450,000.

  Jolie Giroir and Jeff Arthur Mosley to Mike S. McFarland, 702 Wildcreek Circle, Little Rock, L39 B8, Wildwood Place, $435,000.

  Jessica Joheim to Kenneth Jamal and Julia Jo Baker, 3301 Fox Den Trail, Little Rock, L1 B11, Woodlands Edge, $429,900.

  Jim Pace Homes, LLC to Dan and Suzanna Quinn, L11 B58, Chenal Valley, $425,000.

  Asangi Rashmi Kumari Kumarapeli to Alisa B. Chamblee, 19211 Summershade Drive, Little Rock, L16 B4, Wildwood Ridge Phase II, $411,500.

  Jonathan Parkey and Christopher Marsh to Lesley Byram, Ls7-9, Westover Hills, $406,000.

  Rodney Wayne Woods and Sharon Leigh Salyer to Scott Paul and Cynthia Ann Pruitt, 12521 Ridgehaven Road, Little Rock, L5, St. Charles, $399,000.

  Jamaal Alfonzo and Ariel L. Jakes to Laura A. Richmond, 1932 Oakbrook Drive, Sherwood, L129, Miller’s Crossing Phase 3, $382,500.

  Brian and Melissa Tinnermon to David Neal and Denise Wyatt, 811 Shea Drive, Little Rock, L4, Leawood Cove, $375,000.

  Kevin and Charlotte J. Lile to Lucas and Janelle Perkins, 16 Southshore Circle, Maumelle, L4, South Shore, $370,000.

  Hines Homes, LLC to Lindsey A. and Matthew T. Clayton, 1517 Milligan Drive, Maumelle, L1721, The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD Phase XXIV-A, $368,850.

  Ragenea Thompson to Richard and Darcy Vagts, 26 Club Manor Drive, Maumelle, L13 B2, Maumelle Club Manor, $360,000.

  Jeremy Johnson to Mitchell B. and Sarah G. Gates, 3 Arrow Brook Court, Little Rock, L357, Leawood Heights Fourth, $360,000.

  Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Kelly Anne Felix and Fidencio Feliz Saaenz, L17 B3, Copper Run Phase II, $350,725.

  Commissioner In Circuit to Bank Of Little Rock, Unit 706, Arkansas Capital Commerce Center HPR, $340,000.

  APJ, LLC to Craig Jones, 1615 Aldersgate Road, Little Rock, Ls9-10 B16, Hicks Interurban, $335,000.

  Richard Alen and Elizabeth Broom Stewart to Nancy Suzanne Massa, 12 Butterfield Lane, Little Rock, L29, Piedmont, $334,000.

  Kevin and Sandra Henard to Ross Brandon Neal, 5000 W. Cleland Road, Cabot, Pt. NW SE 15-4N-11W, $330,000.

  Robert and Kimberly Wade to Carrie and James Penman, 132 Breckenridge Lane, Maumelle, L11 B28, Maumelle Valley Estates, $329,000.

  John R. and Donnally C. Davis to Tyler Kristopher Rose and Jordan Bearden, 200 N. Spruce St., Little Rock, L6 B5, Elmhurst, $325,000.

  Ian W. and Shara Heisterkamp to Randall and Michelle Lyons, 1514 Milligan Drive, North Little Rock, L1583R, The Country Club Of Arkansas Phase 23, $324,900.

  Nathan A. and Nicole C. Herrold to Sydney Wayne Butler and Jeffrey Kyle Porter, 17023 Edinburgh Drive, Little Rock, L57, Lochridge Estates, $324,900.

  Steven Christopher and Penny G. Thomason to Jacob David and Emily Christine Raine, 7 Portia Drive, Little Rock, L108, Longlea, $320,000.

  Jonathan Leon Oliver and The Betty Oliver Revocable Trust to Marcia L. Chapman, 12 Forest Valley Lane, Little Rock, L19, Forest Valley, $319,525.

  Graham Smith Construction, LLC to Riley and Seth McDonald, 201 Rosemary Way, Little Rock, L8 B1, Parkside At Wildwood, $316,005.

  Spears Custom Homes, LLC to Blake and Katie Pizan, 9732 Oak Forest Lane, Sherwood, L18, Millers Glen Phase 4, $315,000.

  Lionel A. Poirier to Perry Konis, L96 B1, Walton Heights, $302,000.

  James Chase and Alice M. Walt to Danny Remel and Sandra M. Cook, L16, Foxcroft Village, $300,000.

  Timothy Beers, Andrew Beers, Megan Beers Stephens, The William R. Beers Living Trust and The Sharon L. Beers Living Trust to Megan Stephens and Barrie Burnam, L16, Andover Square Phase IV, $300,000.

  Waterview Estates Phase III, LLC to James Michael Calhoun and Terri Hornbeck, Pt. NE 20-3N-14W, $300,000.

  Caritza L. Newkirk to Corey Jacob Lance, 131 Summit Drive, Maumelle, L41 B5, Maumelle Valley Estates, $299,500.

  Alison Jeanette and William Gregory Clarke to Bilal Uygur and Melike Emre, 9633 Meadow Creek Drive, Sherwood, L8, Miller’s Glen Phase 3, $297,000.

  Carmen Walker and Stephen Pierce to Brent Alan and Mindy Elaine Bixler, 11543 Bainbridge Drive, Little Rock, L10 B7, Walton Heights, $286,500.

  Michael and Kelly Marchand to Mason and Whitney Harper, 1007 Loretta Lane, Little Rock, L4, Meeks Manor, $285,000.

  Courtney Lynn Ballentine to Karen Nancy and Christopher Wade Fletcher, 5023 F St., Little Rock, L6 B32, Pulaski Heights, $285,000.

  Lucas R. and Janelle M. Perkins to Beverly and Chanson Newborn, 104 Harmony Loop, Maumelle, L60, Pleasantwood, $285,000.

  James R. Harfield to Christopher and Bristal Elrod, 10 Poydras Drive, Little Rock, L110, St. Charles, $285,000.

  New Hope Apostolic Tabernacle to RPS Holdings, LLC, Pt. SW SW 24-3N-11W, $283,456.

  Ruby Coble and The Coble Family Revocable Trust to Gerry and Janice Porter Diehl, 7904 Beechfield Drive, North Little Rock, L30 B5, Windsor Valley, $275,000.

  Nadeem and Zammarud Siddique to Payton M. and Chelsea J. Seelinger, 68 Isbell Lane, Little Rock, Tract 8, Two Rivers Harbor, $275,000.

  Robert L. and Cheryl Walthall to Wendy Michele Young, 14924 Old River Drive, Scott, L2, River Manor Estates Phase A, $275,000.

  Monica and Clay Waguespack Jr., to Ebony Thompson, 8424 Garnet Cove, Sherwood, L24 B12, Stonehill Phase V, $271,000.

  Fred W. and Carolyn R. Walker to Joshua and Brandi Childress, 1901 Covington Drive, North Little Rock, L1 B3, Windsor Valley, $270,000.

  Daryl Brock Custom Homes, Inc. to Tiffany Farmer, 3 Hanna Loop, Maumelle, L28, Carnahan Village, $264,900.

  Debra K. Bradshaw to Kerry and Amanda Rodtnick, L294, The Country Club Of Arkansas, $260,300.

  Hamid Habibi to Jayant and Pratiksha Lohakare, 13501 Longtree Drive, Little Rock, L171, Secluded Hills Phase IV, $260,000.

  Francis Edward Lowe and The Francis Edward Lowe Family Trust to Ian Patrick Hope and R. Lynn Johnson, 410 Maple St., No. 410, North Little Rock, L12 B1, City Grove Townhomes, $256,000.

  Roger Bradley to William S. and Marshal L. Crismon, 12808 Saint Charles Blvd., Little Rock, L19, St. Charles, $255,000.

  Sue W. Williamson and The Sue S. Williamson Revocable Trust to Steven and Andrea Singleton, L23, Sturbridge, $255,000.

  Valerie Lynn Johnson to Boaz Sanjaya Tjhin and Ester Vannya Ng, 2014 Brookford Drive, Little Rock, L3 B11, Cherry Creek, $250,000.

  Meryl Catherine Ensminger to Susan Scanlan and Raymond Lee Scott Jr., and The Raymond Lee Scott Jr., And Susan Scanlan Scott Revocable Trust, 3700 Cantrell Road, No. 305, Little Rock, Unit 305, Riviera HPR, $246,000.

  John Pagteilan to Hillary Ann Williams, 4911 B St., Little Rock, L1B, Monroe Manor PRD, $241,000.

  Louise Terzia to Sarah A. King, 2200 West Road, Little Rock, L130, Westover Hills, $237,000.

  Debbie Lee Stehling to Mary Katherine Wyly, 121 Englewood Road, Cammack Village, L204, Cammack Woods, $236,500.

  John Michael Casey and April M. Rheaume to Jingtong Wu and Benjamin Cassidy, 1 Forest Brook Court, Little Rock, L13 B3, Sandpiper West, $235,500.

  OCG Acquisitions, GP to Jeanette and Scott Eichhorn, 6409 Pontiac Drive, North Little Rock, L81 B20, Indian Hills, $230,000.

  Chad Dawson to Kara Quinton, 1101 N. Cleveland St., Little Rock, Ls7-8 B6, Pleasant Hill, $229,900.

  Sydney Wayne Butler and Jeffrey Kyle Porter to Erin Elizabeth Saunders, 608 Baywood Drive, Little Rock, L19 B10, Parkway Place, $225,000.

  Allison Residential Rentals, LLC to Ida M. Patton, L24 B3, Elmhurst, $225,000.

  Arkansas Gift Foundation, Inc. to Zeke Picard and Randi Turner, 1801 N. Polk St., Little Rock, L7 B14, Mountain Park, $220,000.

  John and Molly Telford to Kinley Blake and Victoria Kaitlyn Reap, 12121 Pleasant Tree Drive, Little Rock, L30, Rainwood II, $215,000.

  Jeremiah and Amanda Hill to Domicio M. Henry and Jessica J. Gatica Loaeza, 11656 Ridgetop Drive, Sherwood, L17 B2, Woodruff Creek, $213,000.

  Dung Lam Vo and Ha Ngo to Keith Simmons, L150, Sturbridge Phase III, $211,500.

  Kandice Doyle to Drew and Angela Porter, L43, Oak Shadows, $211,000.

  Rebecca L. Newell to Carl Dewayne McReynolds, 3513 N. Cedar St., North Little Rock, Ls5-6 B13, Park Hill NLR, $207,000.

  Stewart L. and Veronica MacLeod to Cord and Laren Sheehy, 420 Del Rio Drive, Little Rock, L8, Plaza Heights, $205,500.

  Lora Meier and The Prindle Family Revocable Living Trust to Iesha Creggett, 2 Zircon Drive, Maumelle, L182, North Pointe, $205,000.

  Melinda Fair, Paul R. Fair And The Marie G. Fair Joint Revocable Trust to Joseph Odom and Shannon Patterson-Odom, 45 Wingate Drive, Little Rock, L45, Wingate, $200,000.

  Margie W. Kostopulos and The Margie W. Kostopulos Trust to Dan Sotirios Kostopulos, 815 N. Fillmore St., Little Rock, Ls5-7 B4, Lincoln Park, $200,000.

  Rebecca L. Baltz to Michael Murakami and Caitlin McCusker, 11409 E. Stoney Point Court, Little Rock, L275, Walnut Valley Second Replat- Morgan, $200,000.

  James M. Parker to Randall Clemon and Tammy D. Foshee, 22 Pamela Drive, Little Rock, L46, Meeks Manor, $200,000.

  Bernice Harris to Simon Kuunaazaa, 998 Jamestown Circle, Jacksonville, L24, Collenwood Phase I, $197,000.

  Christopher Hegwood to Monica Stilwell, 11408 E. Stoney Point Court, Little Rock, L283, Walnut Valley Second, $196,700.

  Ronald A. Dugger to JPL Construction, LLC, L91, Cammack Woods, $195,000.

  Oscar McCartney to Cody and Abigail Voye, 6029 Flight Court, Jacksonville, L27, Base Meadows Phase 1A, $195,000.

  Brian and Glenda Rhees to Jeremy P. and Joanna Fortier, L413, Pleasantree First, $193,000.

  Fred Martin Jr., to Travelle and Bailey McManus, 1001 Silver Creek Drive, Sherwood, L66, Silver Creek Phase I-A, $192,500.

  Kelsie Dooley/Kelsie Beaulieu to Bottom Line Realty, LLC, L1378, Montmartre Phase IIIB- The Country Club Of Arkansas PRD, $192,000.

  Nancy Hammersla to Lourdes Delgado Arriaza, 1 Crystalwood Drive, Little Rock, L1, Crystalwood, $191,000.

  Sarena Kaye Crowe to Nicholas Hargett, 2221 Pear Orchard Drive, Little Rock, L119, Sandpiper Phase II, $190,000.

  Betsy L. Barnes to Rebecca Ann Glazier, 2200 Andover Court, Apt. 701, Little Rock, Apt. 701, Andover Square HPR, $188,000.

  Rodney Chandler and The Rodney Chandler Living Trust to Matthew J. Baltz and Bradey Chambers, 1 Fair Hill Circle, Little Rock, L32 A, Fairhills Replat, $187,000.

  Kyle and Ramona Hicks to L. J. Patrick Bell III., L40 B5, Park Hill NLR, $187,000.

  Calli Morrison and Tanner Harris to Misti R. Hollenbaugh, 2221 Biscayne Drive, Little Rock, L138, Sheraton Park, $185,000.

  Glenna Ruth McCowan Collett/Glenna R. McCowan to Chase Lacewell, 200 W. Scenic Drive, North Little Rock, L4 B4, Broadview, $185,000.

  Carla G. Grayson to Hope R. and John K. Davis, 5912 Elk River Road, North Little Rock, L6 B14, Overbrook, $183,500.

  Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Odell L. and Gail Cheatam, 25 Avant Garde Drive, Little Rock, L71, Wisteria, $183,025.

  Kayla Freeman to Rusty Alberson and Alexis Jackson, 1709 War Eagle, North Little Rock, L30 B34, Indian Hills, $182,500.

  Cash Tomlinson and Whitney Smith to Devon R. Austin, 28 Greenview Circle, Sherwood, L12 B6, Country Club Park, $182,000.

  Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Rickea Hansberry, 1917 Sebastian St., Sherwood, L17 B6, Bear Paw Phase III, $180,705.

  Mid South Homebuyers, GP to Ann Fitzpatrick and Dorothy Pietropaolo, L5, Scotty Cove, $180,500.

  Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Adrian M. Adams, 11024 Tipton Road, Sherwood, L24 B1, Bear Paw Phase III, $180,425.

  John C. and Denise S. Brown to Ann M. Fite, 364 Mountain Terrace Circle, Maumelle, L7D, Mountain Terrace Estates Townhomes Phase I, $179,900.

  Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Celya Hildreth, 11116 Tipton Road, Sherwood, L27 B1, Bear Paw Phase III, $179,675.

  Richard Dale and Haleigh Caraline Herring to Jacob Trickey, 2 Hayley Cove, Maumelle, L1, Hayley Heights, $178,000.

  James Earl and Carol A. Cross to Bison Capital 1, LLC, L37 B13, Overbrook, $175,000.

  Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Tamara S. Nation and James Black III., 1900 Sebastian St., Sherwood, L4 B5, Bear Paw Phase III, $172,340.

  Sherie Hall/Sherie Hall-Caldwell to Austin and Letecha Miles, 6213 Pontiac Drive, North Little Rock, L5 B12, Indian Hills Phase III, $172,000.

  Raquel C. and Samuel A. Tejada Jr., to Brandilyn Miller, 67 Meadow Ridge Loop, Maumelle, L34, Meadow Ridge Phase II, $172,000.

  Kelly E. Risner/Kelly E. Harnish and Blake A. Risner to Austin and Jessica Ezell, 106 Markhaven Drive, Sherwood, L27 B4, Autumnbrook Annex, $172,000.

  Romana Carter-Smith to Jeff and Sarah Hand, 112 Ricky Raccoon Drive, Jacksonville, L132, Northlake Phase II, $170,000.

  Brian and Donna Hagewood to Roderick W. Langley, 105 Richmond Court, Jacksonville, L214, Stonewall Phase II, $169,900.

  Margaret Waters to iRemodel Properties, LLC, 515 W. F Ave., North Little Rock, L16 B39, Park Hill NLR, $167,500.

  Jordan and Megan Patterson to Joshua R. Ball, 6905 Bluebird Drive, Little Rock, L12, Cardinal Heights Section A, $167,000.

  Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Verdell Richards, 1817 Sebastian St., Sherwood, L12 B6, Bear Paw Phase III, $165,870.

  Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to David and Sandra Juniel, 28 Avant Garde Drive, Little Rock, L23, Wisteria, $164,250.

  Michael Drew Nabors and The Estate Of Peggy Lee Nabors(dec’d) to Kristen Walters and Valerie Bryles, 6 Turtle Creek Court, Little Rock, L4, Turtle Creek, $164,000.

  Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Matthew Cameron, 11108 Tipton Road, Sherwood, L26 B1, Bear Paw Phase III, $163,000.

  David W. Sanders to Robert Joe Casey, 2 Valewood Court, Jacksonville, L72, Green Valley, $163,000.

  Rausch Coleman Homes Little Rock, LLC to Brooklynn and Alan Santoyo, 11 Diamanitina Way, Little Rock, L11, Wisteria, $162,950.

  Tonica Hoenig to Crystal and Jason Brown, 1224 Pinnacle Drive, Jacksonville, L36, Parkview, $160,000.

  David and Emily Carter Jackson to Christopher A. Langan, 2 Point West Circle, Little Rock, L14, Point West, $160,000.

  Cathy M. Caddy to Kaitlyn M. Scott, 208 Nevada Drive, North Little Rock, L13 B3, Ranch Estates Extension, $160,000.

  Morris D. Leggett to Belle Pointe Properties, Inc., L349, Walnut Valley Second, $160,000.

  David and Emily Carter Jackson to Christopher A. Langan, L74, Point West, $160,000.

  Orville Castleberry and John Clifford McCaslin to Justin and Amanda Roberts, 501 W. L Ave., North Little Rock, L1 B70, Park Hill NLR, $157,500.

  Terri Lynn Dickinson and Gregory Alan Mills to Richard E. and Sally K. House, 7 Hightrail Cove, Maumelle, L104, Edgepark, $156,900.

  Kendall J. and Casey Denise Roller to James R. and Courtney Mykala Lowe, 25 Deer Creek Drive, Sherwood, L41, Deer Creek Phase I, $156,900.

  Taysia L. Beebout-Floyd and Tanner Floyd to Andrew Stuart and Victoria Jean Healy, 7809 Oak Ridge Road, Sherwood, Ls19-20, HM Tucker’s No. 2, $155,500.

  Kristen L. Pope to Nathan A. Smith, 820 N. Bryan St., Little Rock, L2 B20, Success, $155,000.

  Nancy C. Green to Joanne Fritch, 8211 Tall Oaks Cove, Sherwood, L7, Tall Oaks, $155,000.

  Riverwalk Homes, LLC to Aisha Kattom, Ls39-41, Kanis Ridge Estates, $155,000.

  Don R. and Marjorie M. Kesl to Jenaile S. Garner, 505 Aspen Drive, Little Rock, L1 B1, Woodland Hills Phase I, $152,000.

  Thomas J. Brown, Cindy N. Brown, Andrea C. Brown, Jessica B. Lowder and Jason A. Lowder to BSFR III Owner I, LLC, 4 Chinook Circle, North Little Rock, L8 B5, Indian Hills Phase XIV, $152,000.

  Shannon Cardwell to Kevin Santiago Rodriguez, 501 Johnson St., Little Rock, L1 B2, Feild’s/Field’s Resurvey, $151,500.

  Kadeem J. Clifton to Natahn Deluna Sagucio, 1225 Melrose Drive, Jacksonville, L22, Parkview, $151,000.

  Erica Avelar Garner/Erica A. Avelar to Aaron J. and Jennifer A. Smith, 610 Pembroke Drive, Sherwood, L4 B5, Royal Manor, $150,000.

  David Everett Martindale and Uta Reenste Meyer to Caleb Thomas Nicholas, 16 Brookhaven Drive, Little Rock, L138, Brookfield Section 5, $150,000.

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