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[tf2 scout fall guys]Fall Guys is rewarding fans for dealing with launch issues

Time:2021-08-06 00:09:07

  Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout exploded upon release, with seemingly everyone in the gaming world playing or talking about it. That’s a feel-good story if I’ve ever seen one, except for the fact its popularity meant the game’s servers buckled under the pressure. Server issues continued through launch week, but now that things have settled, developer Mediatonic is thanking players for weathering the storm.

  On Twitter, the official Fall Guys account announced that anyone who opened up the game before midnight on Aug. 13 would get 5,000 kudos — Fall Guys’ in-game currency — along with a special cactus-themed skin. The skin, Mediatonic says, is a variant on a different costume created by the winner of a contest held in February. Each month, a new, fan-developed skin will be introduced to the game.

  While we were fighting to keep the servers up and running last week, we promised we’d figure out a way to compensate the community for being so awesome and bearing with us!

  We’re pleased to announce we’re gifting you all this Legendary Prickles costume and 5,000 kudos! pic.twitter.com/vsyXEqS1Tg

  — Fall Guys (@FallGuysGame) August 13, 2020

  Building off its hype even further, Mediatonic also announced a Fall Guys crossover. While many brands are asking to be included in the hot new game right now, Valve will get the honor through the addition of a Team Fortress 2 Scout skin. The costume, which drapes beans with the iconic red shirt and black hat, will be available for purchase on Thursday through Steam.


  Guess who’s coming to the in-game Steam store in a few hours?!?

  Better start getting in the dubs so you can save up enough

  Thanks @valvesoftware @TeamFortress https://t.co/tzLe6zEg5O pic.twitter.com/Beq5aro4Be

  — Fall Guys (@FallGuysGame) August 13, 2020

  The addition comes on the heels of a Half-Life-inspired headcrab skin that was given out to anyone who pre-ordered Fall Guys on Steam, along with an Alyx skin that could be claimed by players who got a win prior to the official release. Fall Guys has also collaborated with Hotline Miami developer Dennaton Games via a skin that grants players a letterman jacket.

  Earlier in August, Fall Guys also got a patch that added a level from the game’s beta, along with a few game fixes — including a ban wave for cheaters who were ruining the game through hacks.

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