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[New Pokemon Snap]New Pokémon Snap Nickelback Parody Shows How Ridiculous The Game Is

Time:2021-07-31 22:47:13

  YouTuber Il Neige parodies New Pokémon Snap’s ridiculous premise in a new video, featuring Nickelback’s classic meme fodder tune, “Photograph.”

  By Michelle Ballestrasse

  Published May 29, 2021



  The premise behind?New Pokémon Snap may have a few players befuddled, but a YouTuber points out just how ridiculous some of the aspects of the game are in a parody set to the tune of Nickelback’s (in)famous post-grunge single-turned-internet-meme, “Photograph.” As strange as the game is, it has enjoyed considerable appreciation from fans, who have cheered the return of the niche Pokémon photography genre for the first time since its debut in 1999.

  It can’t be denied that these days Nickelback is more often than not the butt of jokes and memes in the pop culture sphere. But in the mid-90s/early 2000s, Nickelback was one of the most popular bands in the world, and to this day is one of the most successful music groups to come out of the great white north. Coincidentally, in the midst of Nickelback’s peak popularity, the original?Pokémon Snap made its debut in 1999; while the game was successful, and was considered a landmark example of photography-based video games, it was considered to be somewhat simplistic and aimed more for a younger audience. That certainly jived in the 90s, considering the relative age of the?Pokémon?series and its fanbase, but the original game’s shortcomings didn’t translate so well into its modern reincarnation, especially now that its fanbase has grown up.


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  Nickelback’s most well-known single, “Photograph,” more specifically its music video’s opening scene, has had a lengthy and rather illustrious career as meme fodder since it was first parodied by College Humor back in 2012. So given the name of the song, and the premise of?New?Pokémon Snap, it seemed pretty inevitable that at some point, someone was going to make the connection. Enter?YouTube musician and parody comedian Il Neige,?who rose to the occasion. His resulting music video, set to the entire song and featuring footage taken directly from the game, brilliantly points out the more ridiculous aspects of?New?Pokémon Snap.


  A parody of New?Pokémon Snap,?a game predicated entirely on photography, set to the song “Photograph,” which has an obvious title and history as an internet meme, isn’t that much of a stretch, all things considered.?The real brilliance behind Neige’s video, beside his skilled vocals, is found in his lyrics, which effortlessly highlight and mock?New?Pokémon Snap’s admittedly ridiculous premise and the rather obvious shortcomings in its camera feature. Even the most diehard?Pokémon fans and the most diehard Nickelback haters can agree that his parody is pretty much on point.

  There’s an entire debate that can be had about whether or not Nickelback deserves the flack it so often gets. But they did provide one of internet history’s most enduring and versatile memes, and for that, they deserve some credit. Il Neige and?New?Pokémon Snap?have definitely shown that even 16 years after “Photograph” was released, it still has plenty of use as a meme, and likely won’t die out any time soon.


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  Source: Il Neige


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