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  Bleach: Brave Souls features units for almost every character in the series. However, some, like these five, are in desperate need of an update.

  By Liam Evans

  Published Jun 04, 2021


  Bleach Brave Souls Ichigo

  Bleach: Brave Souls has been helping to keep the series alive during its recent wilderness years. The game is now hurtling towards its sixth anniversary as the return of the Bleach anime grows ever closer. Over the more than half a decade that the game has been active, almost every character has received at least one playable unit – but some are desperate for an update.

  Now that the series is seeing a resurgence in popularity, it is the perfect time for KLab to expand the title’s roster with these additions. Each would go a long way to making this long-standing mobile staple even richer. Here are the five characters most in need of a brand-new canon version.


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  The three members of Tres Bestias are grouped together due to how closely associated they are. Halibel’s Fracción has thus far received only one canon unit in the game, and only Apache and Sun-Sun have been lucky enough to be granted a single seasonal. The original banner introducing the three characters into the game was released way back in 2017, and the three recently received their resurrections.

  The trio gains striking new designs post-time skip and are ripe for inclusion in a future banner. While minor characters, Tres Bestias’ interesting designs and unique powers have them something of a cult hit among Bleach fans. While the original versions of the character all summon Ayon in their special moves, it would be preferable to see the new versions focus more on their individual skills.


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  The fan-favorite Espada Ulquiorra’s iconic Resurrección Segunda Etapa has been granted two playable units in the game. The first was released during the games’ very first year, and the second was released in 2017. Both versions of the form are now outdated, though the 2017 version is due a resurrection. KLab has debuted a long-awaited remake of Ulquiorra’s unreleased form as well as a wholly original one in celebration of the games’ third anniversary, but Segunda Etapa remains conspicuously absent from more recent remakes.

  The case for a new version of this form will be obvious to many. Ulquiorra is one of the most popular characters in the series, and this form in particular is a fan favorite. If a player begins the game hoping to be able to use Segunda Etapa to clear most of its content they will find that they are still able to – but will likely not enjoy the character’s outdated kit.


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  The one and only version of lead character Ichigo donning his hollow mask was released in the games’ first year back in 2016. While Ichigo’s fully-hollowfied form has received two versions since then, KLab has never revisited the masked form. Outside of the iconography, players’ loved this units’ voice lines, which are distorted in a familiar style as he utilizes his hollow powers. Given how many versions of Ichigo are in the game, it’s frankly surprising that no new version of this popular form exists.

  A new hollowfied Ichigo would work perfectly with the recent transformation mechanic, allowing the player to don the mask at will for a power-up and attack magnification increase. Alternatively, fans at this stage would likely be just as pleased to see a permanently masked version make an appearance sometime soon.


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  It’s fair to say that the hype surrounding the prospect of Bleach’s?final villain becoming a playable character within?Brave Souls?was immense. Fans were left utterly crestfallen when the version that ended up being released back in 2018 was a mediocre character with an unuseable killer and poor strong attacks that lacked frenzy. To this day, Yhwach is considered one of (if not the most) disappointing characters in the entire game.

  Needless to say, Yhwach needs an update that does the character justice. He deserves to stand among the top tier characters of the game and be?completely overpowered. With KLab’s Thousand-Year Blood War license expired, players may not see the update that the king of the Quincies truly deserves until the anime finally makes its long-awaited return.


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  Yhwach may be?Bleach’s?final villain, but Aizen is the most iconic. Aizen’s final Hogyoku transformation only appears in the special move animation for 2016’s Hogyoku version of the character. This has been a sore spot for years now. It’s time that Aizen’s ultimate form received a dedicated playable character.

  The sheer destructive power displayed by this transformation likely contributes to much of the fan desire to control this final form. Each year, this character leads many predictions for a spot on the anniversary celebration banner, and the upcoming sixth anniversary is no exception. Perhaps 2021 may finally be the year that Aizen’s Final Fusion graces the game in earnest.


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