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[Persona 5 Strikers]Persona 5 Strikers Phantom Dash: Learn How To Perform Phantom Dash Move Here

Time:2021-07-31 22:16:01

  Persona 5 Strikers is the new action-RPG instalment to the franchise. This game has an all-new riveting campaign with old and new characters in the game. The developers have completely redesigned the combat system of the game. It has converted from a turn-based combat system into a free-flowing combat system. With this new style of combat, it is crucial for the players to learn the new set of moves and skills that the game has to offer. Many players want to learn more about Persona 5 Strikers Phantom Dash.

  Phantom Dash is one of the abilities that have been carried over from the previous Persona 5 titles. In the previous game, this ability was used only for stealth but has been upgraded for Persona 5 Strikers. Now the players can use this ability to maneuver through the game environment. There are certain areas in the game that are highlighted, through the player’s third-eye ability, these highlighted areas can be reached by using the Phantom Dash ability of the game.

  The Phantom Dash ability can be used in combat too. Players need to use the Phantom Dash ability on environmental objects, around enemies to deal a good amount of damage. The amount of damage the player inflicts depends on the type of object they use with the ability.

  Learning how to perform the Phantom Dash skill will help players a lot in the game. This ability will help the players solve puzzles and riddles, stealthily move across groups of enemies, and deal some damage to them too. Check out how to perform Phantom Dash below:

  Players will receive prompts when any environmental object can be used with the Phantom Dash ability. Whenever they get these prompts, they need to press ‘O’ on the PS4 or ‘A’ on the Nintendo Switch to perform the Phantom Dash.

  The game is designed in a way to confuse the players about their surroundings. This can sometimes make it difficult for the players to find these prompts. The players can use their third-eye ability to figure out which environmental objects can be used for the Phantom Dash ability. To use the third-eye ability the players will need to press ‘L2’ on the PS4 or ‘ZL’ on the Nintendo Switch.

  Players can upgrade the Phantom Dash skill by purchasing the Phantom Striker Bond Skill in the game. Players will need to use this ability a lot over the course of the game.

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