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[Tropico 6]Tropico 6 Gets New Caribbean Skies DLC

Time:2021-07-23 14:05:40

  Tropico 6’s newest DLC, Caribbean Skies, is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The DLC introduces new gameplay features, including a new global-stakes adventure.

  In Caribbean Skies, players will guide their islands through five new campaign missions, with a major new feature being the availability of airborne minions. There are also new buildings, edicts and traits that serve to shake up the Tropico 6 gameplay formula.

  Here is the complete list of new features:

  New scenario-driven campaign: Play through new and dedicated scenarios featuring 5 all-new missions, each unlocking a new play style. Meet new characters and save the world as El Presidente!

  Drones are here: Easily supply remote areas using Delivery Drones or use Drone Taxi for passenger transportation. Keep the people of Tropico under surveillance with Security Drones.

  8 new buildings: Get cargo planes and drones in the air with the Drone Factory, Battery Plant, Cargo Airport and Drone Delivery Service. Make use of the Drone Taxi Service, Central Intelligence building and Drone to Home Delivery Service to immerse yourself and your fellow Tropicans in all things drones. Balloon Tours give you the chance to offer tourists a new kind of attraction.

  4 new edicts: Gig Economy, Qult Anonymous, Drone Economy, Drone Recycling

  2 new traits: Drone Enthusiast, Qult Leader.

  3 new palace decorations: Keep your palace fresh with a miniature version of the mysterious SPEAKER. Show everyone you are a techie with a bunch of drones carrying Tropico flags. Use a smaller version of the inexplicable fertility bomb cannon to show everyone how modern agriculture is done.

  New outfit: Good vibes only with the colorful new Banana Business Suit, featuring an all-over banana print.

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