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[Wargroove]Three Games Are Leaving Xbox Game Pass in April 2021 | Game Rant

Time:2021-07-16 20:06:55

  Xbox Game Pass is losing three games later this month, including a sci-fi thriller, a strategy game, and an indie Metroidvania.

  By Callum Williams

  Published Apr 02, 2021



  Xbox Game Pass has been more popular than ever in the last few months, scoring massive games like?Outriders, Octopath Traveler, Empire of Sin, Star Wars: Squadrons,?and?Skyrim: Special Edition.?However, while the service continues to snag great games, some of its existing titles need to make way for their arrival.

  As spotted by Pure Xbox, three?games have recently joined the “leaving soon” tab over on the Xbox Game Pass website,?meaning they’ll?disappear?from the service in the next two weeks. The games in question are?Deliver Us the Moon, Gato Roboto,?and?Wargroove.

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  Deliver Us the Moon?is likely the biggest of the bunch, although the sci-fi thriller is a short experience,?so those wanting to reach its credits before it’s officially removed from Game Pass shouldn’t have too much trouble. The title?takes place in an apocalyptic near-future setting, where humanity has depleted Earth’s natural resources and are now utilizing a powerful?energy source on the moon. However, communications with the team?harvesting this power are lost,?forcing the player to venture out on a high-stakes mission to discover what happened to them and their innovational technology. The game was celebrated at release for its engaging story and unique premise.



  Meanwhile,?Gato Roboto?is an indie?Metroidvania that allows players to assume the role of a cat in a mech suit. The game features stylish black and white visuals and exciting 2D action gameplay, with players having to fight alien creatures using guns, rockets, and more. The game received good reviews at release and clocks in at around four hours, meaning those wanting to?beat it before it’s removed from the service?definitely have the time to do so.

  Finally,?Wargroove?is a turn-based strategy game from Chucklefish, with players?controlling one of 15 commanders as they embark on a tactical campaign. The title offers single-player, multiplayer, and cooperative gameplay, making it a great experience for those wanting to enjoy?some strategy focused combat with a friend. The game’s single-player content is a bit meatier than the other games leaving Game Pass, although players can definitely get a good taster before it departs later this month.


  While it’s unfortunate that each of the three titles is moving on, Game Pass will be getting plenty of significant games during April, including?MLB?The Show 21, Breathedge,?and?NHL 21.?Games with Gold players will get some new freebies as well, with?Vikings: Wolves of Midgard, Truck Racing: Championship, Dark Void,?and?Hard Corps: Uprising?all slated to hit the promotion.

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  Source: Xbox Game Pass,?PureXbox



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