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[youtube apk]TiVo Stream 4K Regains YouTube TV Capabilities

Time:2021-07-16 19:14:02

  The answer is no, unless you install the Google TV launcher. I have 3 of these devices, and I run them all with the Google TV launcher, and they work perfectly with that launcher. Basically, it makes the Tivo Stream 4k look exactly like the Google Chromecast with Google TV, with full integrated YouTube TV.

  This is the nice thing about running an open platform like Android, you can switch these things out to customize your device.

  It is worth noting that the Google TV Launcher is not officially available for the Tivo Stream 4k, but there are plenty of places to download the APK, and lots of sites that have instructions on how to install it.

  If you or your brother are non-technical, I would not advise fiddling with this though.

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