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  Play around with the various weapons in Necromunda Hired Gun, and you will soon find out which ones are the best to use in the game.

  By Matthew Mckeown

  Published 1 day ago



  When it comes to creative ways to render your enemies into gore-covered chunks, Necromunda: Hired Gun provides a full toybox of all sorts of interesting and incredibly violent weaponry to try.

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  However, you can’t take all of your toys with you on a hunt. Instead, the game limits your inventory to two basic weapons,?one heavy or special, and two pistols.?It’s an odd way to set up your inventory and it can limit the type of builds you can play around with, but there are a couple of specific guns in your arsenal that you definitely want to bring along and here’s just a few of them.


  Necromunda: Hired Gun Plasma Rifle

  The Plasma Rifle is an incredibly strong piece of kit that is a bit of a double-edged sword at times. On the one hand, it can blow apart weaker enemies and chunk through the armor of the tougher lads in seconds, but its slow firing speed and splash damage can often cause it to do more damage to you than your targets.

  Still, it’s incredibly useful to have if you’re on a hunt that features a particularly high number of enemies prowling around as their pathing tends to make them clump. So one or two shots from the Plasma Rifle into those clusters should deal with them pretty quickly.

  Necromunda: Hired Gun: LongLas Sniper Rifle At Full Charge Before Firing

  Typically the Lasgun in the 40k lore is pretty useless, but in Necromunda: Hired Gun it can disintegrate most targets or instantly deplete refractor shields in one shot. To do this you need to charge it up by aiming down the scope for a few seconds until a red skull appears.

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  It can be incredibly satisfying to see an unaware target turn into a glowing pile of ash from far away. So if you like to sneak around picking off targets as a sniper, then grab a Lasgun and make sure it has a high-end modulator to maximize?the damage output.


  Necromunda: Hired Gun Heavy Stubber Firing

  On the outside, this heavy .50cal looking cannon may seem not overly damaging when compared to something like the Heavy Bolter, but it can be supremely helpful in certain situations.

  A relatively fast-firing heavy weapon, it has a tight spread that lets you pour round after round into targets that are crowded up in narrow hallways or clustered together in sneaky chokepoints you’ve set up. Strap on a high-capacity magazine to it and the number of rounds you can unload in one go can get pretty ridiculous.

  Necromunda: Hired Gun Auto Pistol Firing On Elite Target

  If you’re looking for something that’s an absolute DPS fiend then the AutoPistol is a very good pick for a Hunt. Although it may not look particularly powerful since it’s a pistol, it’s one of the fastest firing guns in the game.

  When it’s combined with crit-improving trinkets and attachments that?enhance stability, it can absolutely melt through the armor of high-rank targets in a matter of seconds. It’s also handy for taking down the tanky Ogryn’s if you can get close enough to them.


  Necromunda: Hired Gun Player Firing Heavy Bolter Into Enemy Weak Spot

  It’s not often you find a gun that makes you feel bad for firing?it. When you see the sheer brutality of the firepower that the Heavy Bolter can put out, you can often sympathize with the?unfortunate Underhiver that’s?being torn apart by its massive explosive-tipped rounds.

  This huge cannon is suitably carried in both arms by your Bounty Hunter and although it’s slow-firing, each round it puts out is incredibly large and extremely powerful. Capable of rendering soft targets into paté and elites into pieces of scrap metal and torn limbs, the Heavy Bolter is a high-damage shredder that can carry you through most high-rank hunts.

  Necromunda: Hired Gun Player Damaged By Grenade Launcher Splash Damage

  The only gun in the game with an alt-fire mode, the Grenade Launcher is a fantastic crowd control weapon that’s perfect for the tight corridors of the Underhive.

  Its slow arcing, time-delayed main fire lets you slowly chip away at the armor of larger targets, whilst its rapid-fire mode is perfect for saturating an area with high explosives that detonate on impact. It’s an interesting versatility that can help in a pinch. So if you enjoy making things go boom, then stick a Grenade Launcher in your inventory slot before the next Hunt.


  Necromunda: Hired Gun - Using Stub Cannon Against Marauders

  If you’re looking for a pistol that packs one hell of a punch then you can’t go wrong with the Stub Cannon. This massive six-shooter on steroids feels satisfyingly weighty to wield and each slug it blasts out brings a?solid amount of damage to the fight.

  It has a decent rate of fire at 200BPM and without alterations, it has extremely high accuracy, range and handling stats. Plus with the ability to penetrate through multiple targets as well as armor, the Stub Cannon is a strong sidearm to bring along.

  Necromunda: Hired Gun: Player Firing Bolter At Hiver

  The iconic weapon of choice for the Space Marines of 40k, this massive hunk of metal and artisan craftsmanship is something you don’t want to be on the receiving end of.

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  Designed just like the gun in the 40k lore, the Bolter fires large, rocket-propelled, explosive-tipped, armor-piercing rounds, and anyone on the end of those ends up in pieces pretty quickly. Great for blowing apart unarmored goons in the early game and the tanky robots you’ll face later on, the Bolter is a reliable damage dealer that’s always worth carrying.


  Necromunda: Hired Gun Combat Shotgun Critical Hit On Underhiver

  There are a number of different shotguns to play around with in Necromunda: Hired Gun, but the Combat shotgun is the apex of them all. This fast-firing rifle puts out an insane amount of punishment in a short space of time.

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  It’s perfect for higher-ranked bounty targets as it shreds through their armor in seconds. When?combined?with a high-capacity magazine and damage boosting attachments to the barrel and muzzle, it becomes a handheld meatgrinder that continually sprays out highly damaging pellets. Also, equipping one with elemental Archeo-Tech turns them into a particle effect spraying nightmare you wouldn’t want to be on the end of.

  Necromunda: Hired Gun Player Firing Grav Gun And Black Hole Projectile

  By far the strongest weapon in the game, the Gravgun?works a lot like?the Doom BFG9000. This sci-fi-looking rifle sends out a large green orb in a satisfying kerchunk animation and once launched these glowing projectiles slowly home in on the nearest target.

  After?they reach their mark they apply a large amount of impact damage before forming a miniature black hole that pulls nearby enemies towards it before it detonates in a massive explosion. Great for rendering most unarmored enemies into piles of gore and goo, the Gravgun is ridiculously strong and even though it can make you feel a little broken and overpowered, it’s still incredibly fun to use.?Also, don’t stand too close as the splash damage can hurt you as well.

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