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[lulu box]Athletes of the Week June 25 | Cape Gazette

Time:2021-07-14 04:33:25

  Sasha Hudson

  This 27-year-old sprinter for the Sussex Riptide had a standout performance at the recent 50th Special Olympics Delaware Summer Games at Caesar Rodney High School. He earned gold medals in the 100-meter run and the 200-meter run, dominating the field in both events. He also received the bronze medal in the softball throw. “Sasha works very hard in practice, and he did virtual fitness twice a week to stay in shape for Summer Games,” said Riptide coach Rob Bailey. “Sasha surpassed his goals for the season. He is an inspiration.” “Most people know Sasha’s voice from several radio speaking engagements,” said Jon Buzby, Special Olympics Delaware director of media relations. “What they don’t hear on the airwaves is just how fast he is on the track. He works hard throughout the season, and that dedication paid off with two golds and a bronze in less-than-ideal weather conditions.”

  Riley Klopp

  Ironically, Riley is a top-of-the-line Gold Award-winning Girl Scout who, at Monday night’s state championship field hockey banquet at Hopkins Heartland, was presented the One Tough Cookie Award to honor the memory of the late Barbara Dougherty, a special friend to Cape hockey whose hockey nickname was ”Cookie” for being “One Tough Cookie” in the way she battled cancer while staying close to Cape hockey, which she called “Cape’s Cookies.” The first One Tough Cookie Award went? to Lizzie Frederick in 2015, a player who would shake the last cookie loose before throwing the box at your head. Riley is tough like that, and she willed herself into the Cape starting lineup, “Klopp Tuff,” like her sister Darby and aunt Lisa Klopp Kammerer. Riley will play at Franklin & Marshall in the fall.?

  Alia Marshall

  Speed, coordination, fluidity and springiness are all athletic attributes of Alia Marshall since her days running and jumping for the Beacon Middle school track juggernaut of coaches Tim Bamforth and Gilbert Maull. Alia, now at Northwestern University, was recently named to the 2021 U.S Women’s National Team for field hockey. She is listed as being from Rehoboth Beach, as Cape Henlopen at Sesame Street by the Sea is just too many words. Alia was Division I State Player of the Year for Cape hockey in the fall of 2018 and for lacrosse in the spring of 2019. The ecstasy of the irony is that Alia just completed her sophomore year at Northwestern and was not voted to the All Big 10 team. The selection process for the new 36-athlete squad takes place over a three-month period. Alia is currently at the College Baseball World Series in Omaha. It’s a Rehoboth Beach thing.?

  Lulu Rishko

  Lulu just completed her freshman year as a Cape field hockey and lacrosse player. She is a plus-size player on the athletic field, meaning if you calculate her time on the field in terms of plus and minus team production points, she always makes positive things happen. Lulu received the Rising Star Award for varsity field hockey at the state championship banquet Monday night at Hopkins Heartland. Lulu was on the front line for state championships in field hockey and lacrosse her freshman year at Cape. She and Lindsay D’Ambrogi were recently selected to the Under Armour All-American team (based on a tryout) and will compete in a tournament this July. Lulu follows a tradition of “whisper jet” efficiency from the sports of field hockey and lacrosse. She makes great decisions, and if there is a hint of criticism, it’s that she is too unselfish.?

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